The new orleans Saints have taken a very interesting approach to free agency and trades in the past few years. It seems that every time a player becomes a star in New Orleans, the Saints will trade him or let him walk. Jimmy Graham is a perfect example and by taking away Drew Brees top security blanket, the Saints still can’t get back to the playoffs. Kenny Stills looked to be a big young star for New Orleans and they traded him. Brandin Cooks really turned things up and the Saints traded him to the New England Patriots.

The next Saint in line

It almost seems like the New Orleans Saints do not want Drew Brees to have anyone to throw the ball to.

However, there is still someone in New Orleans that can excite the Saints’ fans. Last year’s rookie Michael Thomas might be the next big thing at wide receiver for the Saints. Of course, the question is still whether or not New Orleans responds to his talent by trading him away as well. Regardless of any uncertain future for Saints’ receivers, Thomas is just interested in getting better in his second season.

In the 2016 NFL season, Michael Thomas ranked only behind Brandin Cooks for receiving yards on the New Orleans Saints team but was first out of all receivers in receptions. Thomas had an impressive 92 catches on 122 targets for 1,137 yards and nine touchdowns. It was one of the best rookie seasons for any wide receiver in the NFL last year and was impressive considering it usually takes receivers a few years to find their footing in the NFL.

His 75.4-percent reception percentage was 8.8-percent higher than Cooks.

The 2017 Saints outlook

Now that the New Orleans Saints traded away their top receiver in Brandin Cooks, this gives Michael Thomas a chance to prove he can be a No. 1 receiver in an offense that loves to throw the ball. With Adrian Peterson in town, the Saints might find even more room to throw the ball and this is one year after Drew Brees threw for 5,208 yards and 37 touchdowns.

Thomas could be in for a monster season.

When asked about his thoughts about his second year, Michael Thomas said that he was disappointed that he didn’t break all the rookie records for wide receivers last year. He was injured in Week 14 and missed that game, which cost him the possibility of nine more receptions, which would have tied Anquan Boldin’s record of 101 receptions by a rookie.

Now, he is ready to prove his rookie season wasn’t a fluke.

Michael Thomas said that he wants to hit his numbers this year and has specific goals set. He said he has goals of 91, 100, and 120 receptions, as well as more yards by breaking more tackles. He also wants to increase his touchdown numbers. Thomas spent part of July working with Drew Brees and it sounds like the Saints have another huge star at receiver. Now, they just have to keep him.