The Denver Nuggets were considered a perfect trade partner for the Cleveland Cavaliers because they hold several interesting players they can use to swap for All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving. Among them are Jamal Murray, Gary Harris, Wilson Chandler and Will Barton. However, Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer said that the Nuggets will not give up Murray and Harris in a deal for Irving. Pluto stressed that it was unclear if the Nuggets don’t want the two in a package or if Murray and Harris are available separately. If Murray and Harris are both untouchable, the Nuggets may use guard Emmanuel Mudiay as trade bait for Irving.

Trading for Irving will be a big risk for the Nuggets as the Cavaliers point guard is unwilling to provide assurance that he will sign a long-term deal with the squad that trades for him. Irving has two years remaining on his contract with the Cavaliers and can opt out in 2019. The Phoenix Suns are also willing to trade for Irving but they want to know first if he will sign a contract extension to stay with the team.

The Nuggets recently boosted their frontline by signing free agent power forward Paul Millsap to a three-year, $90 million contract. He will be paired with versatile center Nikola Jokic. If they throw in Irving, the Nuggets could turn into a serious contender in the Western Conference.

Irving recently demanded a trade from the Cavaliers and named four teams – the Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat or the New York Knicks – as his preferred destinations.

Nuggets ideal destination for Irving

Earlier, former Nugget Mike Miller said that Irving is interested in playing for Denver in an interview with 950 AM Altitude Radio.

If he joins the Nuggets, Irving’s dream of becoming the No. 1 option for a team can happen. Miller said Irving can lead the Nuggets’ offense with Millsap and Jokic as role players.

Botched three-team deal

The Nuggets were a part of a botched three-team trade that could have brought Indiana Pacers’ Paul George to the Cavaliers.

If that pushed through, the Nuggets could have acquired Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love while the Cavs would have gained George and Kenneth Faried from the Nuggets. The Pacers, for their part, would have received young players and draft picks from the Nuggets. However, the deal didn’t happen after the Pacers pulled out at the last minute. Days later, they traded George to the Oklahoma City Thunder for guard Victor Oladipo and forward Domantas Sabonis.