All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving will not immediately commit to any long-term deal with the team that will acquire him from the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sources told Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Irving is not about to commit to any team at this point. Pluto said Irving has two years remaining on his deal with the Cavaliers and will keep his options open until his contract expires. Pluto said the Phoenix Suns are interested in trading for Irving but they want to know if the All-Star point guard would be willing to sign an extension to stay with the team.

Amount of Irving’s next contract depends on his decision

Irving’s next big-money deal hinges on his decision on whether to immediately sign an extension with his next team or let his contract expires in 2019 before making a deal. According to Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, the largest extension that Irving could sign within six months of a trade is a one-year deal worth $21,104,148. If he opts out of his deal in 2019, his maximum salary could reach $32 million. Irving could sign a three-year extension worth $73,361,218 or $24,453,739 annually if he signs an extension six months after the trade. If he waits until the summer, he can agree to a four-year extension worth $101,437,733 or an annual salary of $25,359,433.

If Irving decides to play out his contract before opting out in 2019, he can sign a five-year deal worth around $188 million with an annual salary of $38 million. If Irving decides to leave, he can sign a four-year deal worth $139 million with his next team. Feldman said it will be easy for a team to part ways with assets if Irving commits to signing a long-term deal after his contract expires.

In his trade demand to the Cavaliers, he named four teams as preferred landing spots – the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Irving loves to play for the Knicks

Pluto said Irving wants to play for the Knicks because it's close to his hometown of New Jersey. However, the Knicks only have Carmelo Anthony as trade pawn but he has a no-trade clause in his contract, which he will not waive for the Cavs.

Cleveland may be interested in Kristaps Porzingis but the Knicks will not include him in their trade plans. Pluto said the Cavaliers could also explore a direct trade with the Portland Trail Blazers for Damian Lillard, who has four years and $115 million left on his deal. The Denver Nuggets also have several assets that might interest the Cavs, including Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, and Wilson Chandler.