The NBA Draft Class of 2018 has another five-star recruit added on its list. Marvin Bagley III, 18, recently announced his intention to attend Duke University and play for Blue Devils.

“My family and I decided I’m going to forgo my senior year and graduate with the class of 2017,” Bagley said during an interview with ESPN’s SportsCenter. But other than making Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils happy, the 6’11” forward also made at least three NBA general managers who are looking towards rebuilding their respective franchises, even happier.

Application to reclassify

As the consensus No. 1 prospect, Bagley is currently still considered as a member of 2018 recruiting class. But due to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rules which deemed him ineligible to play his first year at Sierra Canyon, he became eligible to apply for reclassification.

Assuming that the NCAA will grant his request, Bagley will be eligible to play college hoops this upcoming season, moving one year ahead as part of the 2017 recruiting class. This would also mean he would become eligible to apply for the NBA Draft, making the already star-studded Class of 2018, even beefier.

With the presumption that Bagley will play for the Duke Blue Devils this coming season, many NBA general managers are now scrambling on finding ways to snag him on the draft day.

How good is Bagley based from the talent scout’s ratings? Well, even without any official word from the NCAA, his verbal commitment to the Blue Devils is enough to push the entire list of 2017 top basketball recruits one ranked lower.

NBA Draft Class of 2018

This gives an additional reason for the already depleted Chicago Bulls franchise to buy out Dwyane Wade’s contract.

Perhaps, the Brooklyn Nets front office might want to extend their non-playoffs appearance for another year. Or maybe, the Phoenix Suns can still swallow another losing season in the hopes of landing the No. 1 pick.

Not that the potential NBA Draft Class of 2018 doesn’t have any strong candidates. This early, there are at least two players (Bagley, not included) who can become the top overall pick.

First off is the 6‘8” Slovenian sensation, Luka Doncic. The so-called “Wonder Boy” who plays point forward at EuroLeague, is said to be the European prodigy of Magic Johnson.

Another top prospect is Michael Porter Jr. who is considered the best scorer in the NBA Draft Class of 2018. At 6’10”, Porter has great leaping ability, good outside shooting and a very high understanding of the game. The recipient of Gatorade National Basketball and Naismith Prep Player of the Year awards is expected to become a full-fledged, NBA level stretch four even while playing college hoops with the Missouri Tigers.