One of the biggest problems that young receivers in the NFL face are catching passes in a league that seems to move at the speed of light. There is a saying that, once a player has competed in the NFL for enough time, the game slows down for them. However, the Green Bay Packers have found a way in training camp to work on the problem for young wide receivers by developing a method of teaching them to focus in the face of adversity.

This is a technique known as the Green Bay Packers Distraction Drill.

The Packers distraction drill

As evident in the Video above, the Green Bay Packers Distraction Drill is just a way for the wide receivers to focus solely on catching the football while all his teammates are doing what they can to stop him.

A machine is set up to launch the football in the direction of the receiver while the other receivers all put their hands out to wave in front of the machine.

As the video also showed, most of the Packers receivers were able to pick the ball out of the air despite six sets up hands waving between them and the machine launching the football. With a lot of distractions getting in the way of a Packers' player and the Aaron Rodgers' thrown football in games, this is a great way to prepare for real game experience when opposing cornerbacks are trying to swat the ball down.

The Packers offense

If Green Bay Packers are used to anything, it is precision in their passing game. Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL today and he has almost pinpoint precision.

However, that doesn't matter if his receivers allow a defending cornerback to distract them from catching the football.

However, highlight reels from the Packers biggest games are full of plays where a receiver comes up with a mind-blowing reception that no one thought was going to succeed. From the look of the Green Bay Packers Distraction Drills, that is because the team practices these moments every day and are used to catching the ball in ridiculous situations.

The Packers ranked in the Top 10 last season in completion percentage and were fifth for all teams that threw for over 4,000 yards in a season. The top three receivers for the Packers - Jordy Nelson, Davonte Adams and Randall Cobb, caught 64.9 percent of all passes that Aaron Rodgers targeted them with.

There is one other Green Bay Packers training camp drill that can't feel good.

It is called "Man Hands" and has the machine launch the ball at full speed into the receivers hands from only inches away.