Last year, Ezekiel Elliott was accused of a woman for domestic abuse. Police did not find enough evidence to charge him and some claimed she asked people to lie for her so she could ruin his NFL career. It looks like it worked because NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended the Dallas Cowboys running back for six games despite there being no evidence that Elliott did anything wrong, proving that Goodell believes his word is above the law.

Ezekiel Elliott's case

When it comes to the woman who accused Ezekiel Elliott of beating her, there were eyewitnesses at the scene who said that nothing happened.

There were also witnesses who showed that the woman was texting people and asking them to lie for her so she could get revenge against the Dallas Cowboys running back for no longer wanting to date her.

There were no criminal charges filed.

There was a bar incident where a man was punched in the face. The police say there was no evidence of who the aggressor was but a random person at the bar said it was Ezekiel Elliott. There were no criminal charges but Roger Goodell felt the Dallas Cowboys star deserved to be suspended anyway.

The Ezekiel Elliott suspension is for six games - which is five more than Pacman Jones got for actually getting arrested and charged with a crime. It appears that false claims and circumstantial evidence are worth more games suspended than actually committing a crime.

Roger Goodell and his power

A few years ago, there were rumors that the New Orleans Saints were paying defensive players a bounty to hurt opposing offensive players. Roger Goodell suspended a number of players and even suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton for an entire season. After lawsuits were threatened and it went to court, the suspensions for the players were lifted as Goodell was informed he did not have the power to implement them.

Sean Payton had to serve the entire suspension before it was cleared up.

An employee of the New England Patriots was accused of deflating footballs during the AFC Championship game and Roger Goodell investigated it. Goodell ended up suspending Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for four games, saying he should have known that they were deflated - despite there being no evidence that Brady did anything wrong.

Ben Roethlisberger is the closest comparison to Ezekiel Elliott. A woman claimed he assaulted her in a bathroom at a bar and he was also suspended. There were also no charges filed in that case either. Roger Goodell appears to believe he is smarter and more in the know than even the U.S. legal system.