Washington Redskins rumors present some interesting information about quarterback Kirk Cousins. It appears that Cousins is open to signing a long-term contract with the franchise, but that those negotiations may have to wait until after the 2017 Nfl Season. This may sound like a broken record for Redskins fans, but at least Cousins is stating that he wants to explore free agency. That is what the latest report by ESPN states.

Kirk Cousins was given the franchise tag by the Washington Redskins this year, meaning he will make $23.9 million in salary.

That’s a nice pay raise for the veteran quarterback, but it’s not exactly what he wanted when it came to contract negotiations with the franchise. The two sides couldn’t come to terms on years and money, resulting in the Redskins putting the franchise tag on Cousins so they wouldn’t just lose him.

What happens if Redskins tag Cousins again next year?

If the Washington Redskins place the franchise tag on Kirk Cousins for a third straight season, his one-year salary would be worth about $34.5 million. That would be an extremely expensive contract for the quarterback, but it would keep the team from losing him to free agency. That might be a fall-back option if negotiations continue to break down, but it would be an unreasonable rate for the team to absorb, leaving less money to address other roster spots.

Last season for the Redskins, Cousins completed 67 percent of his passes for 4,917 yards and 25 touchdowns. It was his best season in the NFL and Cousins finished with a 97.2 quarterback rating. It also landed him on the NFC Pro Bowl team. While there may be some holes in his game and he isn’t considered one of the elite quarterbacks, he certainly elevated the team and was a reason the team almost made it into the playoffs.

How much money is Cousins worth to the Redskins?

It has been clear for a while that Cousins wants a lot of money and previous Washington Redskins rumors have indicated that the team is very hesitant to give him that long-term guaranteed contract. It's good news that Cousins is open to negotiations after the 2017 NFL season takes place, but the situation hasn’t changed between his agent and the front office in Washington.

There is no indication that things would change in a few more months either.

The Redskins have made other moves this offseason, signing tight end Manasseh Garner and undrafted free agent cornerback Tevin Homer from Florida Atlantic. The Redskins also added Pro Bowl inside linebacker Zach Brown on a one-year deal that could help the defense a bit. The team should be better than it was just a year ago, but there are going to continue to be Washington Redskins rumors about Kirk Cousins until the franchise can get the issue resolved.