Rumors of a Seattle Mariners fire sale continue to get shared by fans on social media. The Mariners are really struggling at the plate and on the mound during the month of July and it has hurt them in the standings. Veteran players like Nelson Cruz could also garner a good return at the MLB trade deadline, causing some fans to suggest that it is time to break down the roster and start collecting assets for the future.

After another rough loss to the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night (July 5), the Seattle Mariners have fallen to just 41-45 in the American League standings.

That puts the Mariners 17.5 games behind the first-place Houston Astros in the AL West. While the Mariners may still be in the Wild Card race, nothing that the team has done over the past week indicates that this roster is about to turn things around and go on an impressive winning streak. Losing Drew Smyly for the year didn't help either.

What players do Seattle Mariners fans want gone?

Due to his struggles since returning from the disabled list, a lot of Seattle Mariners fans are calling for an end to the tenure of Felix Hernandez with the team. Despite all that he has done for the franchise over the years, there are a lot of vocal fans who say that it is time to either cut Felix Hernandez or convince another team to take on his contract.

Could the Seattle Mariners really find a team willing to offer a package of talented young players for Hernandez though?

Then there is Nelson Cruz, who might just be the biggest trade asset that the Seattle Mariners have this season. He just made the American League All-Star team again and has been playing well, despite some nagging injuries.

Cruz has just one year left on his current deal, calling for him to be paid $14.25 million for the 2018 MLB season. It means he wouldn't be a long-term commitment for another franchise that wants to acquire some power hitting for the stretch run.

Is it too late for the Mariners this season?

There are a lot of Seattle Mariners rumors about the team investigating players that other teams have been making available on the trade market.

Sonny Gray of the Oakland Athletics is one of those players, but it would be expensive for the Mariners to acquire him. Would it be worth it for the Mariners to give up prospects to acquire Gray and hope that he is enough to get them back to the postseason? Possibly.

The Mariners haven't made the MLB Playoffs since the 2001 season, making the fan base quite desperate (and possibly even rabid) about finally achieving success again. This also may cloud their thinking, because while a Seattle Mariners fire sale might mean that general manager Jerry Dipoto is making moves, if he deals away key players like Jean Segura, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager (who fans keep complaining about) the Mariners might be rebuilding again for years to come.