With the 123rd overall pick, fourth-round in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft, the New York Rangers selected Brandon Crawley from the London Knights of the OHL.

6'1'', 205lbs: Crawley fits the prototypical build of an NHL defenseman, and he's still got some more growing to do. At just 20-years-old, Brandon isn't at his physical peak yet, and one can only imagine what that peak will eventually be.

Having gotten the chance to talk to Brandon after the final scrimmage of Prospect Development Camp, I can say that this is one kid who has the ability to make good on his talent.

A firm yet articulate speaker and thoughtful person, Brandon made a great impression on the Rangers' staff from the word "go."

His hard-hitting defensive prowess makes bystanders quiver as they watch his unfortunate targets crumple to the ice, and more often than not, you even feel bad for the boards.

Now, this isn't to say that Crawley goes out of his way to hit everybody and play a dirty game. It's just the opposite. He's a cerebral player who hits when he needs to and always makes sure to hit the right way. It's just, that to the innocent bystander, even the right way looks painful.

Here's what Crawley was willing to tell me after the conclusion of his first camp: "The staff here is amazing everybody is just so nice.

I've learned so much here. The future looks good and there's a lot to learn and a lot to develop."

Potentially jumping from OHL to NHL

For a moment, Crawley pondered what would allow him to make the leap from the OL to the NHL. Finally, he said, "Just keep it good and simple in my D-zone. Keep guys away from the front of the net, and play physical.

Just take care of my end and play my game."

"I just try to play physical, in the corners, stuff like that. You've got to play with a lot of passion and I just try to do my best. Just growing up around this area, I understand the Rangers' fanbase, and what it means to be a Ranger. That's definitely helped me."

Possibly playing in AHL

Trying to make the jump from the OHL to the NHL usually requires a stopover in the AHL, here's what Brandon had to say about that possibility.

"Honestly, that stuff comes down to management. I'm just trying to do my best and take my opportunities to show up, work hard, and get into shape for training camp. Whatever they decide I'm perfectly okay with."

Getting drafted

Getting drafted is a dream come true for aspiring professional athletes, as such here are Crawley's feelings on the matter. "Super exciting. Chris Drury had called me. I was honored and thrilled to be coming to my hometown team. I really understand the organization and I'm proud to be a Ranger. Just so many thoughts and feelings going through my head. It was a really special day for me and my family.

"There were definitely some teams in play, and it was a little bit up in the air, but once I was taken by the Rangers, I was just honored and excited and had so many emotions going through my head.

I'm excited for the opportunity."

That's all that Brandon had for me, but here's to wishing him well and it won't be long before Blueshirts' Nation gets to see what I just spent the last week watching, and NHL skaters, consider yourselves to be officially on notice because Crawley is coming for you.