In today’s NBA, players are more than willing to move from team to team as they chase an NBA Championship. LeBron James proved he would happily move to another team if they would build a championship team around him. Kevin Durant proved he would move to a team that was already winning championships to make it easier for him to bring a trophy home. However, one NBA superstar has just announced that he never plans to leave his current team. James Harden announced that he is with the Houston Rockets “forever.”

James Harden’s NBA journey

At one time, the Oklahoma City Thunder faithful believed that James Harden would be one of their own for a long time.

Harden, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, and Kendrick Perkins provided Oklahoma City with an all-star lineup that looked poised to rule the NBA for years to come. However, Harden made it clear that he wanted to be a star on a team and not be part of a larger effort. The Thunder realized that Harden would not re-sign with them and traded him to the Houston Rockets.

While James Harden was great in Oklahoma City, he became a huge star in Houston. After coming in second place in the NBA MVP voting for the second time this season, the Houston Rockets have rewarded Harden with the biggest contract in NBA history. The four-year maximum extension will pay James $228 million over the next six seasons.

Harden said the contract was cool and that he worked hard for it.

Rockets for life

After getting the new contract from the Houston Rockets, James Harden is signed to the team through 2023 when he will be just 33-years-old. However, Rockets fans should expect more after that because Harden said that he considers Houston to be his home and this is where he wants to be.

Harden did way his main goal is to win a championship and he wants to win it for Houston. With Chris Paul joining him and Carmelo Anthony possibly on the way, that is very possible.

James Harden said that he wants to retire with the Houston Rockets when his career ends and wants to bring them championships. He said everything will happen for him in Houston and he plans to be there forever.

It is a nice statement to hear that a player is loyal to their franchise and it is rare in today’s NBA. For their part, the Rockets feel the same and said they would do more for Harden than the max contract if they were allowed to.

James Harden ranked second in the NBA in scoring in 2016-17 with 29.1 points-per-game and first in assists with 11.2 per game.