Jose Mourinho told Zlatan Ibrahimovic that his services were no longer needed for Manchester United, an English soccer team in the Premier League. After just one season at Manchester United, this came as a shocking news to all the fans around the world. It was heartbreaking news for some fans and a huge decision taken by the manager and the club. Multiple reports, including the club and the player, confirmed this news. Zlatan moved to Manchester United because of his respect for Jose Mourinho, but this is a huge twist in their relationship which has lasted over Zlatan's transfers to many clubs over his career.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, one of the greatest?

The Swedish soccer player and one of the world's most renowned strikers has been in the limelight for a few years now. His off the field class and swag, coupled with his on-field heroics makes him a complete player. He is deemed to be one of the deadliest players in front of goal in the modern game. He started his career at a young age at Malmo FF from where he got a big money move to Ajax FC. Since then, his career went uphill, making his name at big clubs like Juventus, Internazionale, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris-Saint Germain and finally Manchester United. Over his career, he has won 33 major trophies and several more honors. Off the field, he is known for his interviews and astute answers to fans and reporters.

Going up against him in a battle of words, on the pitch or as a clash of ego is a huge risk. But recently, he was let go by Manchester United as his contract was not extended by Jose Mourinho at the end of just one season.

His season at Manchester United

Zlatan came to Manchester United as a fan favorite and was predicted to be a huge hit.

Living up to his name and reputation, he got off the mark within 4 minutes of his debut by scoring a spectacular bicycle-kick goal. He got Manchester United's season off to a great start, but the team could not hold on. Zlatan Ibrahimovic continued his spectacular form by scoring on a regular basis in all competitions. Manchester United went on to win the treble (winning The FA Community Shield, The English Football Cup(EFL) and the Europa League) and this would not have happened without Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goals and assists throughout the course of the season.

He scored a total of 28 goals in 41 games plus 4 off the bench in all competitions. He scored 17 more goals than any other Manchester United player. He also assisted 9 times and was a part of much more. At age 35, this is a huge feat to perform for any player and only a few players have managed to maintain their form deep into their careers. But, Zlatan believes that he is like wine, he only gets better with age. He also believes that he still has something special to offer. His last season's statistics proves that he is not only all about the words but he delivers on the field as well.

Why get rid of him?

Even though Zlatan was in great form last season and showed that he has still got it in him, he is 35 and coming towards the end of his career.

His form might soon dip and he might even end his career. He also sustained a double knee injury at the end of last season, which reports said, could have been career ending. But Zlatan shot down those reports and said that he would be back and refused to take any salary for the amount of time he was going to be out. He is still going to be out for a few months and there is no guarantee of results when he is back. Mourinho did not want to take a risk with Zlatan and has instead opted to go for younger talents. Earlier this transfer window, Mourinho had bid for Atletico Madrid’s superstar, Antoine Griezmann, who was heavily linked with a Manchester United move that did not work out. Manchester United also showed interest in young and new prospect Kylian Mbappe.

Finally, a deal for Alvaro Morata seems to be on the verge as Manchester United and Morata have agreed terms, but negotiations with Real Madrid are still ongoing. Alvaro Morata previously said that he was definitely going to play alongside James Rodriguez next season, so could Rodriguez also be on the move and can Manchester United capture the double move? Over the years, many La Liga players have moved to the English Premier League but have failed to live up to the pace of the league. Can Morata be as good as Zlatan in Manchester United? Can Morata live up to his potential? Or, was letting go of Zlatan Ibrahimovic the wrong move for Jose Mourinho?