phil jackson has made himself scarce in the past months but surfaced for an interview on Wednesday, just days ahead of the NBA annual draft. He dropped two bombshells that could have significant impacts on the New York Knicks in the coming season. First, he confirmed that he’s listening to trade offers for Kristaps Porzingis. Jackson also revealed that Carmelo Anthony has informed the Knicks organization that he’d rather stay in New York.

Kristaps Porzingis' exit meeting snub

Jackson is still smarting from Porzingis’ decision to skip his end-of-season meeting with the Knicks’ president last April.

It has been reported that it was Porzingis’ means of expressing his frustration with the direction Jackson wants to bring the team. Adding to his dissatisfaction was the New York Knicks organization and Jackson's treatment of Anthony.

Jackson added that, as much as they love Kristaps Porzingis, they have to do what’s good for the team. He believes that everyone would begin to speculate about a player's future with the team if he fails to show up for an exit meeting. He admitted that they have been getting calls for a trade and they have been listening. At this point, however, they have not been intrigued enough with any of the calls they have received from the other teams.

Carmelo Anthony’s no-trade clause

Carmelo Anthony still remains a Knick primarily because of the no-trade clause in his contract. Jackson said that, while the Knicks organization values Anthony highly, their efforts to build a winning team around him haven’t been successful. Jackson has previously said of the veteran forward, “It might be time for him to find an opportunity to go somewhere else.”

Apparently, Carmelo wielded the power of the no-trade clause in his contract and has informed the Knicks organization that he has chosen stay in New York.

He has been previously widely rumored to be going to Cleveland or joining the LA Clippers.

Still, Jackson isn't giving up hopes of trading Anthony. He said that conversations will continue even after the draft and the free agency as NBA team start their respective reorganization.

Phil Jackson asks Knicks fans to keep faith

For now, Jackson assures fans that the people in their organization know what they’re doing.

Even if that hasn't reflected in the team’s record for the last couple of years, the team has grown internally. Jackson added that it takes time to rebuild with a young team. He promised that with the players he hopes to bring in - through drafting or trading -they will be competitive.