Lesean Mccoy was one of the best players on the Philadelphia Eagles' team before Chip Kelly showed up as the head coach. In one fell swoop, Kelly started to wipe out the players whose faces meant the most to the Eagles franchise, including sending LeSean to the Buffalo Bills and letting Jeremy Maclin leave for the Kansas City Chiefs. After two seasons with the Chiefs, Kansas City waived Maclin as a post-June 1 cut, and now McCoy is hinting that Jeremy is on his way to Buffalo.

Jeremy Maclin

The release by the Kansas City Chiefs seemed to take Jeremy Maclin by surprise.

He tweeted that it was a strange business in the NFL. When Chip Kelly blew up the Philadelphia Eagles, Maclin rejoined his former head coach Andy Reid with the Chiefs and played great in his first year there. However, groin injuries slowed him down, and he was out for much of the season. That made the Chiefs' choice to waive him purely financial.

However, Jeremy Maclin is still a top NFL receiver and is young. At the age of 29, Maclin had back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons with 18 touchdowns in his last year with the Eagles and first with the Chiefs. Even Andy Reid had complimentary words for Jeremy after releasing him, saying he was close to the player and said he was a good person on and off the field.

The Buffalo Bills

The LeSean McCoy exit from the Philadelphia Eagles was messy and ugly. Not only was McCoy one of the top players with the Eagles but he was still one of the best running backs in the NFL when Chip Kelly traded him to the Buffalo Bills. Rumors swirled that it was racially motivated and McCoy pointed to the exit of stars like Jeremy Maclin as further proof of that.

After struggling the first season he played with the Buffalo Bills, McCoy turned things around last season with 1,267 yards and 13 touchdowns. Buffalo finished the season with a 7-9 record and looked to be on the cusp of improvement, and LeSean McCoy feels Jeremy Maclin could help the team "tremendously."

The Buffalo Bills have $11.6 million in salary-cap space left this season, so there is not a lot to spend.

The Kansas City Chiefs saved $10 million in cap space by releasing Jeremy Maclin, so there might not be enough money for the Bills to sign him. However, LeSean McCoy is right in that Jeremy could help.

The Buffalo Bills leading receiver is Sammy Watkins, but he has been out since January after foot surgery. There is also a very good chance that they don't keep Watkins after his rookie contract ends. As quarterback Tyrod Taylor said, the Bills would love someone like Jeremy Maclin in Buffalo.