One of the biggest complaints about Eddie Lacy, when he was playing for the Green Bay Packers, was that he couldn’t stay in shape and played with too much weight. It caused injuries and his Packers coaches benched him constantly for these issues. When Lacy signed his new contract with the Seattle Seahawks, the team was smart and made his contract incentive laden with much of the money to be made if he made certain weight limits.

Eddie Lacy checked in on Monday for his second weigh-in and walked away with his second bonus from the Seahawks so far.

Eddie Lacy weight clauses

When Pete Carroll brought in Eddie Lacy, he was asked about the fact that Lacy was advertised at 235 pounds in 2016 with the Green Bay Packers and Carroll said it was no big deal. The Seattle Seahawks head coach said that Lacy is a big guy and runs like a big guy. However, Eddie could balloon over 250 pounds and that could be a problem. Fans who remember Jerome Bettis knows that the running back nicknamed “The Bus” was a truckload to take down at 255 pounds but Lacy is very different that Bettis.

As a result, the Seahawks demanded that Eddie Lacy drop weight if he wanted to get paid his incentive bonus checks. The first check came in May, where he had to get in at 255 pounds or less.

Lacy checked in at 253. Today was the second weight check and he needed to be under 250 pounds. While the Seahawks have not officially announced is weight, the firm that represents Lacy confirmed he made his weight. That would be an extra $55,000 bonus check.

On August 1, the third check comes if he is still under 250 pounds.

After that, the Seattle Seahawks will weigh Lacy every week and if he stays under 245 pounds, he will get additional checks for a season maximum of $385,000. Lacy said he is from Louisiana and loves to eat and will have to cut out a lot of his favorite foods to keep at his playing weight.

2017 NFL season

The Seattle Seahawks want to return to the playoffs and hope that Eddie Lacy will give them a running game that will help them make it closer to the Super Bowl once again.

The Seahawks have not had a legitimate running game since Marshawn Lynch retired and Lacy could be that answer. In his first two seasons in the NFL, Lacy ran for 1,178 yards nad 1,139 yards with 20 combined touchdowns. He dropped to 758 yards in his third season and only played in five games last year with the Green Bay Packers.

The Seattle Seahawks are hoping that Eddie Lacy will return to form this year to help them. Lacy signed a one-year deal worth a guaranteed $2.865 million with an additional $2.685 million in incentives.