The Dallas Mavericks intend to inform Dirk Nowitzki that they will reject the team option on his $25 million deal for the upcoming 2017-18 NBA season. However, for any Mavericks fans scared of losing their legendary player, Dirk isn't going anywhere. According to ESPN, the Mavericks just want to sign Nowitzki to a new deal that will give him whatever he wants - financially and security-wise.

The Dallas Mavericks' legend

Dirk Nowitzki is a rarity in the NBA - and in Professional Sports in general. Now 39-years-old, Nowitzki has only played for one team in his NBA career and that is the Dallas Mavericks.

He will tie Kobe Bryant for the longest tenure with one team this upcoming season - 20 years in one city - and that is a big deal for the Mavericks and Dirk.

When Kevin Durant ran from the Oklahoma City Thunder last year, it really shone a light on how no one - players or owners - have any sort of loyalty to one another in professional sports. Even in Dallas, Tony Romo considered playing for another team when he lost his starting job to Dak Prescott. Romo ended up retiring with the only team he ever played for and Dirk Nowitzki looks to do the same with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks will do whatever Dirk wants

In the 2016-17 NBA season, the Dallas Mavericks struggled and finished the season with a 33-49 record, their worst record since 1997-98.

The team went 4-17 to start the season when Dirk Nowitzki was sidelined with an Achilles injury. Despite that, while the Mavericks want to get younger, they won't do it without Nowitzki.

ESPN reports that Dirk Nowitzki, who passed the 30,000-point mark last season and moved into sixth place all-time for scoring in the NBA, will get whatever he wants in a new deal from the Dallas Mavericks.

The reports are that they will make the NBA aware of their intentions by Thursday and then offer Dirk a new deal - possibly another two-year deal with an option, and will do whatever makes Nowitzki happy at this point of his career.

The Dallas Mavericks also want to re-sign center Narlens Noel and working with Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison Barnes, and Seth Curry, to improve on last year's struggles.

The Mavericks also need to ink new draft pick Dennis Smith Jr. to a deal and then head into the offseason with no actual intentions of chasing any of the high-profile free agents that will hit the market.

Dirk Nowitzki said that he wants to take each NBA season one-at-a-time before making any future decisions on his future or retirement.