It seems that ever since the WWE made the big push at "WrestleMania 33" to officially pass the torch to Roman Reigns as the heir apparent, things have been somewhat lackluster for the "Big Dog" since. Also, since there is likely no chance that the WWE plan to derail the Roman Reigns train, whether you love him or hate him, many are chomping at the bit to see who he will take on next, and what other high-profile feuds he may find himself in the middle of.

Will the Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar match happen at 'WrestleMania 34'?

This one is still considerably far off, but it has been rumored for some time now that the WWE has their sights set on featuring Roman Reigns in the next installment of WrestleMania, taking on none other than the "Beast Incarnate" himself, Brock Lesnar.

Getting the main event at WrestleMania is big, no matter who you are, and speculation seems to point to the fact that that slot will once more be reserved for Roman Reigns.

What will happen with Roman Reigns in the meantime?

With recent reports that Braun Strowman will be out indefinitely due to injury, that essentially squashes any momentum of a continued rivalry between the two -- at least for now. It will be interesting to see if something is sparked once Braun Strowman undergoes and recovers from surgery to correct an elbow issue. As that is the case, however, we can definitely rule out the possibility of another rematch for the foreseeable future.

Is John Cena vs. Roman Reigns a possibility in the near or distant future?

This recent Twitter interaction between John Cena and the "Big Dog" got a lot of fans talking over social media, with many calling for a match between the two superstars.

While John Cena has been very busy career-wise with projects outside of the ring (including numerous films to his credit), if the WWE does want to push their plan forward of making Roman Reigns the official face of the company, then a match and/or feud with the current face would be rather fitting.

While the Undertaker did, in essence, pass the torch at "WrestleMania 33," one way to truly make it official is if Roman Reigns took the crown from John Cena himself.

As Roman Reigns often proclaims that the WWE is his yard now, there are certainly still a few older dogs that will likely take issue with that.

The only way to truly settle it once and for all is to face the other big dogs in the yard that still remain, and John Cena is certainly one of them.