Anyone who follows Green Bay Packers news knows how disappointed Vince Biegel must have been regarding the rough start he had to his NFL career. Biegel is described as a “heart-on-his-sleeve” player who is extremely bummed to have to undergo a second surgery on the foot he injured. It, however, is possible the timing of this second foot surgery isn’t as bad as the rookie Green Bay Packer thinks.

It might not be such bad news

Coach Mike Mccarthy doesn’t see the news or the timing of the second foot surgery as a bad thing at all. Naturally, there’s no denying the coach would rather have the rookie linebacker participating in the individual workout positions and organized team activity practices with the rest of the Packers, but he still feels the timing couldn’t have been better.

How the injury originally happened

Vince Biegel’s foot was originally hurt when he was a senior at the University of Wisconsin. During that time, he went through a foot surgery which involved putting a screw in the cracked bone. Unfortunately, the surgery resulted in missing two midseason games – both of which the team lost. He, however, did return to the lineup 23 days after his first surgery.

This type of surgery is a repair for a Jones fracture. This is basically a fracture on a bone near the middle of the foot. This type of repair is done to prevent the bone from breaking completely. If the bone had broken completely, Biegel would have been out for the entire season.

His foot has been injured again

Coach McCarthy decided not to go into details, but he did reveal on Wednesday that the Green Bay Packer rookie’s foot had been injured once more during the orientation camp that took place on the 5th and 6th of the month. The practice was open to reporters who noticed Vince was limping which resulted in much speculating he had injured his leg.

While Biegel did suffer a left-hand injury which resulted in wearing a cast during the closed practice the next day, neither he or the coach appeared to be concerned about his foot. Sports news outlets are assuming the Green Bay Packers rookie must have felt some discomfort in his foot which resulted in an examination following the practice.

This examination, unfortunately, resulted in the second surgery last week.

Biegel is not going to be able to participate in the rest of the offseason program, but the timing of his surgery should allow him to heal before the official football season starts. This is ultimately why Coach McCarthy considers the timing of the foot surgery to be a blessing. Vince getting hurt and requiring surgery once the season started could have spelled disaster considering the Green Bay Packers are counting on him to help improve the team’s outside pass rush.