The Orlando Magic might be gunning for a number of key free agents and trade targets this offseason, as shown on the whiteboard in the team’s GM’s office.

It doesn’t need insiders like Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical of Yahoo Sports or Marc Stein of ESPN to know who are the Magic’s targets this offseason. Apparently, it only needs an agent accidently taking a photo of the GM’s whiteboard to leak ‘confidential front-office information.’

Orlando’s Free-Agents Wish-list

Last April, the Magic signed Austin Spurs D-League player Patricio Garino to a contract.

To capture the moment, his proud agent took a snap of his client’s contract signing without knowing that he also captured the GM’s whiteboard.

Garino’s agent even posted the photo on Twitter before deleting it for unknown reasons. Unfortunately for him, Internet’s hawk-eyes have already managed to save the photo and discovered a ton of information about the Magic’s offseason plan.

Listed down on the Magic hybrid trade options are Los Angeles Lakers’ Luol Deng, Denver Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler, Memphis Grizzlies’ Chandler Parsons and Indiana Pacers’ Thad Young. As for free agents, the Magic are apparently looking at Andre Iguodala, Derrick Williams, Paul Millsap, Michel Beasley, Rudy Gay and Omri Casspi.

The whiteboard did not define what hybrid free-agent or trade targets are, but based on the list of agile big men/wing enumerated, it could refer to a player who has the versatility to play the small forward/ power forward spot, which Magic looks to fill in this offseason.

Dario Saric for Aaron Gordon Trade

Another eye-popping finding on the leaked Magic offseason plan was a potential trade that involves growing power forward Aaron Gordon and Philadelphia 76ers big Dario Saric.

It is noted that Saric was the Magic’s original draft pick (12th at the 2017 Draft) before they traded the Croatian to the Sixers in exchange for Elfrid Payton (10th pick).

Gordon, who averaged 12.7 points and 5.1 rebounds last season, has assumed the Magic’s starting power forward spot since Serge Ibaka was traded to Toronto Raptors in February.

Saric, on the other hand, had a Rookie of the Year type of a season, as he recorded 12.8 points and 6.3 rebounds per contest. However, Saric proved to be a better outside sniper between the two youngsters, shooting 31 percent from the three-point line and 78 percent from the free-throw line.

In an interview with Sun Sentinel, former Magic general manager Rob Hennigan cleared the whiteboard is just a listing options, and the front-office has no indicative plans to pursue the listed players. Then again, it’s hard to tone down the buzz created by the photo mishap, especially if the names of players are clearly listed on the board.