The Harlem Globetrotters are an iconic Basketball team who are renowned for their fancy style of game play. The players all know the importance of maintaining healthy habits and this largely includes making good choices when it comes to food. To do this, the team regularly packs healthy snacks, drinks lots of water, and makes a point to enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

Ace Jackson is a Harlem Globetrotter who insisted on learning basketball alongside her brother when she was only six years old. After attending a Harlem Globetrotters camp, she was accepted onto the team and also earned a college degree in business administration.

Ace recently discussed her time on the team and the importance of staying fit and healthy via an exclusive Interview.


Blasting News (BN): When you first started playing basketball as a kid did you feel more fit and healthy?

Ace Jackson (AJ): I felt like I was invincible when I was a kid. There was nothing and no one that could stop me from what I was doing at that time which was always playing and training for basketball. I definitely felt strong and fit, but I was a kid so I still ate ice cream and candy and chips and more candy and more candy. But even though I was healthy and in shape, I still felt as though there was always room for improvement, so I continued to train every day.

BN: When did you know you wanted to be a Harlem Globetrotter and was is it like to be part of such an iconic team?

AJ: I always knew I would play professional basketball if I worked hard enough. I never knew I was going to grow up and become a Harlem Globetrotter. I am only the thirteenth female to play for the team. Let me tell you, it is an amazing feeling to be a part of such an iconic team!

Being able to travel all over the world and play in front of thousands of fans and inspire boys and girls is a dream come true. I couldn’t ask for more.

BN: How many cool tricks and moves can you do with the ball?

AJ: Being a Harlem Globetrotter we have to be amazing athletes, people, and basketball players. But there is an emphasis on being an amazing basketball player because we are known for doing cool tricks and moves throughout the game.

Therefore, I have a whole bunch of cool tricks and moves up my sleeves, but my favorite trick is spinning the ball on my finger and my favorite move is when I dribble while sliding on the floor.

BN: How have you been able to help and impact people through this team?

AJ: We play over 300 games a year and play in front of thousands of fans – boys and girls, and I am able to inspire these kids by showing them that anything is possible as long as you work hard, stay focused, and stay dedicated. Both boys and girls constantly come to me and say things like, “girl power” and make statements about how they want to be like me when they grow up. I am simply able to be a positive role model for these kids.

I am only the thirteenth female to play for a team that has been around for ninety-one years! I am a living testimony that there are no limits when you have a dream and passion for something.

BN: Why do you think it's so important to inspire kids to pursue Sports and exercise?

AJ: I believe it is very important for kids to experience sports and different forms of exercise as long as they are enjoying themselves. You always want to enjoy what you’re doing because if not, it will feel like work and be dreadful. But I do feel as though exercise and sports can not only train your body, but it can also train your mind in different ways that can potentially benefit you.


BN: What are your top tricks for staying healthy and what healthy foods do you think are the tastiest?

AJ: I wouldn’t really call them tricks but in order for me to stay healthy, I just try to eat clean foods and work out. I personally like chicken, rice and beans and fish and broccoli and I also enjoy protein bars.

BN: You have a degree in business administration so how might you use that in the future?

AJ: I love fitness and I am also currently a personal trainer, so I would like to use my business degree and open a fitness gym.

BN: What do you consider to be your ultimate goals for your future both on the team and off it?

AJ: My goals are to inspire both boys and girls of any and all ages to do what they love and have a passion for. Life is too short to have it consumed with something negative and something you're not enjoying.

BN: What advice can you give to kids who dream of one day being a Harlem Globetrotter?

AJ: You have to stay positive and work hard. Not only do you have to be a great basketball player, you also have to be a great person and have a great personality and always keep your eyes on the prize!