#Novak Djokovic defeated Spaniard Marcel Granollers in his first-round match at the French Open in what was an up and down performance by the Serb. It was the first match with Andre Agassi watching him closely. Despite the straight-sets victory, neither Andre nor Novak seemed quite pleased with the proceedings. Clearly, it is too early for the partnership to bear fruit and we should be more patient before passing judgement. The question remains whether Andre can be a decisive factor in Novak's career, with many wondering what he will bring to the table to give Novak the mental and tactical edge against the likes of Rafael Nadal.

The great media buzz surrounding Agassi could take pressure off of Novak's shoulders

The partnership has garnered a lot of attention since Djokovic officially announced that he will be teaming up with Andre Agassi. Even during Novak's first round match, Agassi was one of the focal points for different media outlets. In general, most elite tennis players would agree that they prefer not to be the center of attention, as it could be distracting at times.

At the start of the year, #Roger Federer, who is currently preparing for the grass season, lifted his 18th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, flying under the radar. However, this hasn't been the case for Novak Djokovic, and, despite his below-par start to the season, he is still considered one of the favorites in every tournament that he plays.

He was bombarded by questions regarding his desire to play the game, his fitness, his mentality, and even changes to his diet. The addition of Agassi has shifted the media focus considerably, and this could help relieve the pressure, and might help him focus on his game.

Djokovic's tennis style is a newer version of Agassi's

Tennis players have to constantly evolve to stay competitive. All members of #The Big Four have tried adding new faces to their camps in recent years, and Djokovic has been no exception. But, what does Agassi bring that could help the world No. 2 succeed?

Agassi played a similar style of tennis, stepping up to the baseline and using angles brilliantly to wear down opponents and outwit them in long exchanges.

Moreover, he relied heavily on his return capabilities rather than his services. These similarities could make it much easier for Andre to relate to Novak as they work together.

Agassi could also help him regain his aura of invincibility, which has eluded him so far in 2017. He has been in similar situations before and has dealt with them. He experienced the kind of downfall that the 30-year-old is suffering from, and bounced back to win more majors. Even if Roland Garros doesn't prove to be successful for Novak Djokovic, the partnership looks promising.