WWE is reportedly making moves to bring Jeff and Matt Hardy’s Broken Universe to its flagship show, “Monday Night RAW.” As first reported by Dan Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company’s officials are already in discussion with Anthem Sports & Entertainment, the parent company of Impact Wrestling, in an attempt to introduce arguably the most popular wrestling gimmick today into WWE programming.

The motive behind the move is all business. WWE realizes the massive potential the Broken Universe will generate for its merchandizing division.

Story-wise, Matt Hardy’s Broken persona could also create interesting feuds with cult leader Bray Wyatt and ‘the Demon King’ Finn Balor down the road.

“Regarding the Hardys, right now the plan is for them to go to the Broken gimmick with the idea that it’ll be a major merchandise mover. WWE is attempting to make a deal with Anthem so everything is on hold when it comes to that until the sides come to an agreement,” according to Meltzer.

Singles Push for Jeff

Sporskeeda reported WWE initially planned to bring in Jeff Hardy only, as WWE chairman Vince McMahon was never a fan of Matt Hardy or their Broken gimmick. But with the singles scene crowded right now, WWE eventually signed Jeff and Matt to bring back the nostalgia of the hardcore, high-flying Hardy Boyz of the Attitude Era.

Once the title picture settles down, Jeff Hardy is expected to get his world championship push as originally planned. It is noted that McMahon values Jeff as a main event player to the point that he even considers him as a potential opponent for reigning Universal champion Brock Lesnar at some point. There’s a legit reason why McMahon is feeling giddy about Jeff’s main event potential.

Before he left the company in 2009, Jeff established himself as one of the most popular superstars in WWE as he ranked second only to John Cena in merchandize sales.

Eric Bischoff shoots down Broken Hardy

While almost everybody in the wrestling community is excited about the potential arrival of the Broken Universe in WWE, Erik Bischoff cleared that he’s not one of them.

The former WCW and RAW general manager believes Matt’s broken character has an indie vibe to it, and that could create conflict with WWE’s mainstream philosophy.

“I know it’s an important one but WWE plays broad. They play main stream. They play big box. They are not indie. They are Macy’s. They are not your local corner store. The “Broken” Matt Hardy character… it’s got that indie vibe to it. I think that’s where the conflict comes,” said Bischoff, who had some previous Twitter beef with Matt Hardy after the latter accused him and Hulk Hogan of ‘raping and pillaging’ TNA Impact.