Former running back for the Houston Texans and the Miami Dolphins, Arian Foster, made headlines last weekend after a series of Twitter rants in which the now retired 30-year old made claims that he could beat a wolf in a fight using only his bare hands. Last Sunday, Foster tweeted about his desire to go camping but that wildlife scared him, before stating that he believed he could beat a wolf in one-on-one combat. Despite seeming like a bizarre throwaway statement from the former NFL star, the internet exploded following Foster's tweet. With followers of the former Houston Texan debating the 230-pound athlete's bold claims which led to Foster bizarrely making several headlines throughout a variety of different news outlets.

Following the surprising headlines made by Foster surrounding his social media activity on Sunday, the former NFL running back made an appearance on popular podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience," where Foster went into more detail surrounding his claims.

Arian Foster discusses why he could beat a wolf in a fight

Whilst Rogan disputed Foster's claims that he could beat a wolf in a fight, the retired NFL star stood by his initial statement claiming that all he would have to do is "catch him on his bottom jaw." Rogan then brought up photos of a series of large wolves which had been discovered whilst hunting and although Foster admitted he may have issues with larger versions of the species, he believed that his weight (he currently weighs 230lbs) and his athleticism would give him a significant advantage over an average sized wolf (65 -130lbs).

He had also made several other points regarding his claims to Twitter users who disputed his original tweet.

Arian Foster's claims refuted by wolf experts

Arian Foster has admitted that the spotlight this story has gotten leads him to believe that it must have been a "slow news day" but now even wildlife experts have gotten involved in the debate, in an attempt to refute Foster's claims.

The International Wolf Center have released an official statement regarding the former NFL star's tweets, saying that although Foster would have the "wolf beat in size" that it wouldn't necessarily be an advantage as North American grey wolves are usually "significantly smaller than their prey" with an experienced 65-130 pound wolf being able to kill as much as a half-ton bison by itself.

Arian Foster - retirement from NFL

Arian Foster played as a running back for the Houston Texans where he still holds the franchise record for rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. Foster retired from the NFL at just 30-years old after a year-long stint with the Miami Dolphins, citing that the 14 surgeries he had endured over his career made competing too painful.