Indianapolis was buzzing with NFL fever on Wednesday as the Scouting Combine kicked off, with day 1 already seeing a range of highs and lows as players were scrutinized for the NFL draft.

Right from the outset prospects looked promising as some of the league's best players were on display for measurement day. Leading the pack, All-American Leonard Fournette (LSU) proved to be an instant favorite, weighing in as the heaviest running back in the group. Dalvin Cook from Florida State and Christian McCaffrey from Stanford added to the list of big names that were present, but were by no means the only hot contenders.

Samaje Perine from Oklahoma also offers huge talent, while the draft's current fourth-best running back, Alvin Kamara, brought additional promise to the draft. With only two months to go before the final draft, Minnesota Vikings are still open to negotiating with Adrian Peterson, who is currently assessing his options as a free agent.

No shortage of NFL potential

It looks like 2017 is a good year for running back talent, with Vikings General Manager, Rick Spielman saying that he hasn't seen a draft class this strong in as long as he can remember. Spielman, however, refused to comment on whether the Vikings would be seeking a running back this year, adding further uncertainty about Adrian Peterson's future with the team from Minnesota.

Developments so far

Leonard Fournette weighed in at a stunning 240 pounds, up from last year. There was much speculation about whether this would be an asset, as Fournette would have to prove that he can carry the extra pounds at Friday's workout. Fournette's increase in weight may just cement him as a sure power pusher for the upcoming season.

Things didn't look so good for D'Onta Foreman from Texas, who will have to step up during Friday's 40-yard dash in order to prove his prowess, after having dropped down to 233 pounds.

Steve Keim, GM of the Arizona Cardinals, showed signs of being in the market for a new quarterback. Noting that they are interested in at least four QB's at this year's combine, he saw it as an opportunity to seek a successor for Carson Palmer.

Michigan has brought a record 14 players to the combine, much to the satisfaction of John Harbaugh. His brother, Jim, coaches the Wolverines, which the Baltimore Ravens coach seems to think is an advantage. He says he knows a lot about the players, and respects his brother's opinions on their capabilities.

Zach Banner, the offensive tackle from the University of Southern California, had his hopes of weighing in at 330 pounds dashed when he was still over by 23 pounds.

The NFL scouting combine kicked off with speculation and expectations, but the next few days will bring more clarity.