The Giant’s offense has a slew of question marks across its starting offense as it enters 2017. The battle for each win starts in the trenches, and The Giant’s first question mark starts there too. Ereck Flowers has not lived up to the expectations that followed his selection as the 2015 number 9 overall pick. The giants may need to move him to another position, but starting left tackles don’t just grow on trees. In addition, speculation is beginning to swirl about who Flowers would even be protecting in future years.

Eli Manning has succeeded at the highest level, but every quarterback concludes his career at some point, and the Giants need to be prepared to move on, preferably well before Manning’s departure so that there is time to groom his replacement.

Finally, what changes will be made at the skill positions? OBJ, despite his antics, is one of the best in the game. Is there a possibility of adding Adrian Peterson, arguably the greatest running back of his generation, to the fold to complement the Giant’s passing game? If he is still the Peterson we’ve seen in the past, McAdoo’s job of winning a Super Bowl might get much easier…

JPP’s long term deal

Jason Pierre-Paul will almost definitely be a Giant next year now that New York has placed the franchise tag. The non-exclusive tag means that other teams can make offers, but New York will have the opportunity to match any offers, making a detection unlikely.

However, that also means that if a long-term deal isn’t worked out by March 9, the entire franchise tender of approximately $17 million will lock up a huge portion of the Giant’s ability to sign other free agents needed elsewhere on the roster.

While GM Jerry Reese will be making the roster decisions, one can bet money that McAdoo has a wish list for personnel to work with next year as he tries to rectify New York’s struggles on offense.

Can McAdoo work his play-calling magic as head coach?

Even if McAdoo gets his NFL Draft wish list filled, what portion of the Giants’ offensive struggles have been due to personnel problems and what portion is simply McAdoo doing too much?

The duties of the head coach are vast and compete directly with his ability to spend time developing innovative plays and solid game plans.

Will McAdoo delegate play-calling in 2017? Will he successfully balance play-calling and the plethora of other head coaching duties? Or will McAdoo drop the ball and doom the Giants to another close but not enough season?