Borussia Dortmund is still in the race for the UEFA Champions league with a game against Benfica to come. With an inconsistent season and disciplinary issues from fans alike, Dortmund’s problems stem out of activities on the pitch and decisions off it.

Coach Thomas Tuchel qualified Dortmund back to the Uefa Champions League but his rotation has seen the team’s struggles this season. Every team has a line-up, though some players are versatile, managers need consistent line-ups to help players know what roles they are supposed to play in the team.

The season started with great transfers from Raphael Guerreiro, Andre Schurrle, and Marc Bartra but two of these players have featured consistently with Andre Schurrle reduced to a super-sub.

The German Bundesliga provides the best youth products among the top five leagues in the world and therefore it is not surprising to see youngsters such as Ousmane Dembele and Julian Weigl given the nod to compete at the highest level.

Bayern Munich purchased Borussia Dortmund

Every team has a competitor but not FC Bayern Munich. The team slashed huge sums of money to persuade Dortmund’s stars to join their club. Every team is built on three cores, one in defense, midfield and attack. Dortmund had Robert Lewandowski in attack, Mario Goetze in midfield and Matt Hummels in defense.

In the space of four years, Fc Bayern Munich destabilized Dortmund with the view of saving German football and maintaining the four slots the leagues has in the UEFA Champions league but did it help?

Dortmund trail RB Leipzig eight points and leaders FC Bayern Munich 13 points. Thomas Tuchel as a manager might have been unhappy with the club's decision to sell Hummels but he might’ve had a very little say in the final outcome.

Every manager needs to maintain a squad for a lengthy period to yield results year in and year out but if a new team has to be assembled each season, then it makes the job tougher for the man on the hot seat.

Dortmund can find consistency with a starting eleven

Borussia Dortmund’s last two games have featured changes in the midfield and defense but has yielded 3-0 wins.

When teams win games there is no problem with how things are going unless losses creep in and the manager’s ability is called to question. Thomas Tuchel should make bold decisions and bring the winning mentality back to his side. Aside from this, his biggest test is to keep the core of his current setup in order to plan and achieve the clubs seasons objectives in the coming seasons.

Dortmund is a big club and does not need to be a feeder club to other teams in order to balance its books. The team has become comfortable with selling players forgetting that they cannot be gotten back and if they return are not the players they once were before they left the club. If the club maintains a squad for four to five years like they did under Jürgen Klopp then the team would have much courage and consistency heading into every match day.