The Tampa Bay Lightning remain in the playoff hunt, however, they enter Thursday three points back of the Boston Bruins for the last spot. With seven games to go, the Lightning do have a game at hand over Boston. On Thursday, the Lightning will face the Detroit Red Wings in a game that Tampa Bay can't really afford to lose. With Boston active against the Dallas Stars, the Bruins have a pretty good chance to get two points in the standings. If Tampa Bay should miss a chance to beat a low team like Detroit, then it may be the beginning of the end of their season.

Tampa Bay's chances are promising

However, the Red Wings aren't a strong road team this season as they've gone just 16-17-6 when visiting. Furthermore, the Lightning have been alright at home as they have gone 20-14-3 when hosting this season. Additionally the Lightning are on a bit of a hot streak as they have won three straight and seven of their last overall ten. lists Andrei Vasilevskiy as the "confirmed" starting goaltender for Thursday's game. He's not exactly a high-priced pick among the NHL netminders at Fanduel either. His salary of $8300 is middle range, well below the salaries of players like Sergei Bobrovsky and Carey Price. However, Vasilevskiy has a great chance to get a win in net tonight just based on the team that he's playing.

Bobrovsky, on the other hand, is a risky pick because, if he starts, he's still on the road against Carolina. The Hurricanes are 7-0-3 in their last ten and might give the Blue Jackets troubles. Price isn't a bad pick at home against Florida, but he is priced at $9200 which can cut into your ability to round out your lineup.

Vasilevskiy a value pick

For those looking for someone budget friendly that has a chance to get some significant fantasy points, then Vasilevskiy looks like the play to make. He's a reasonably strong goaltender, he's part of a hosting team, and his team is playing one of the worst teams in the NHL. That could all benefit his personal statistics and it could help him get a win in net, something that would add some fantasy points value for you at a fair price for salary.