Soon will the start of the 2017 season, in addition the rosters of the teams are already confirmed. So we can analyze which teams will be the weakest in this new season.

Although, possibly at the end of the season we will be wrong and one of these teams will be in the highest positions.These are the three teams that should be the worst next season:

Chicago White Sox

The chicago white sox will live a transition year 2017, in which it will try to rebuild the team around young figures who still have to learn to win.

They have good player like José Ariel Abreu and José Quintana; But the rest have no experience and should have patience to start winning in a row.

Minnesota Twins:

The Twins will lose many games as will their neighbors the White Sox. The only thing with quality is Ervin Santana; While the offense retains Brian Dozier but Joe Mauer is no longer the one of yesteryear, and the Dominican Miguel Sanó has not yielded what is expected of him.

In addition, Cardinals May Have Gotten Completely Conned by Twins Over Brian Dozier. The Brian Dozier trade rumors have been swirling all month, and two of the biggest players in the sweepstakes seemed to be the Dodgers and the Cardinals.

San Diego Padres

Can there be a worse Major League team than the San Diego Padres?

The squad of the state of California experienced a bad 2016 and everything indicates that they are going by the same road in 2017.

Many rookies and few players with quality. The Padres will lose many games the coming campaign.

After finishing in dead last place of the NL West​, the San Diego Padres are hoping to field a competitive team this upcoming season. They haven't made any real noise in free agency as sellers or as buyers, and the team's outlook for their 2017 campaign is looking noticeably grim.

The Padres are getting back right-hander Pedro Avila in the deal. Seems like the right price for a catcher who is known for primarily hitting home runs.

Norris hit 28 dingers for the Padres in two seasons, most of them come in bunches, as Norris is a very streaky hitter.