Brady is a healthy NFL player. Fit, he has an amazing diet composed of grains, vegetables, low sugar and almost no carb ingestion. Why do you believe he does all that? To impress Gisele Bünchen, his wife? To be super healthy? To play better? Well, not really.

What we know is that Brady intends to be a NFL player until he is in his mid-forties, though, those are not the main reasons for all his effort in keeping his body fit and maintaining this his lifestyle.

Brady’s goal is to not only be healthy and be playing for some time more in NFL; he also wants to be a role model and encourage other players to follow his example and prolong their careers.

Nice attitude, right?

What’s Brady’s goal?

Tom Brady’s idea is to contribute with his colleagues by sharing what he has learned and encourage other players to take care of themselves properly, allowing them to feel stronger, healthier and capable. The player says that it is all about making the right choices and not too much about effort. What people need to know in order to do the right thing is what is right and what is wrong, in the first place. Once they acknowledge this, it is all about doing what is right – which is quite simple when put that way.

Brady believes that if players were healthier for longer periods, there would be more competitive Games and the caliber of talents would be much better.

Besides that, he explains that the idea of his program is to allow control of our own bodies, in order to have it doing what we want it do.

Selling his idea to the other NFL players

On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind the following: not everyone is blessed with great health and an amazing body condition. In addition, it is not easy for everyone to heal from game injuries as it is for Brady.

Each body works in its own way.

During his career, Tom Brady did not start at least 14 games, which lead us to the thought that maybe the Patriots have protected him somehow and it may have contributed to the quality of health he presents. On a list of the most-sacked quarterbacks, Brady is in the 11th position. Does that make any sense to you?

Therefore, for NLF players to start following his path, it would be necessary to go a little beyond than eating healthy food, sleeping well, working out, taking vitamins and having a beautiful wife. Maybe players should start having a different type of relationship with the media and their teams.

That said, we can see the good intentions in Brad’s attitude and way of thinking, however, what he does not realize is that not every player in NFL is able to be like him – for several reasons.