Jason Peters is one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL - he is also one of the most expensive offensive tackles in the NFL. There was a concern that the Philadelphia Eagles would cut him this spring if they couldn't come to a new salary with him. Fans of the team don't need to fear any longer, though, as Peters will return to the team for another season.

The deal

According to the NFL Network, Peters will maintain the same deal he had in place last season. His salary cap figure is $11.2 million, which is the highest of any player on the Eagles for next season.

The team tried to renegotiate wit with the tackle and his agent, Vincent Taylor, but they were unwilling to budge - at the end of the day, Philadelphia accepted it for what it was.

Prior to the start of free agency, the contract puts the Eagles in a precarious position. Holding on to Peters was important, but in order to balance their books, the team may now be forced to part with other expensive, quality veterans. With free agency starting in two weeks and just $11.9 million in cap space, some of the veterans likely to be cut or traded include running back Ryan Mathews, center Jason Kelce, and linebacker Mychal Kendricks.

A great left tackle

Peters is one of the greatest Eagles of all-time. He spent the beginning of his career with the Buffalo Bills as a tight end before eventually moving on to Philadelphia.

He has made nine Pro Bowls in his career and has been a steady star at one of the most important positions in football.

That was why the general manager Howie Roseman was okay with allowing the bank to remain broken for Jason Peters. The most important development for the Philadelphia Eagles going forward is young quarterback Carson Wentz, who showed flashes of greatness during his rookie season.

Other quarterbacks who have done so have regressed if their offensive line has failed to protect them in subsequent seasons. Peters is sticking around to make sure that doesn't happen - to verify that the team continues to trend in a positive direction.