Best team in the world but moves have been made

Since the first week of November when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Many changes have been made since then. First Fowler became a free agent at the end of the season. Though the Cubs tried to sign him back, Fowler ended with St. Louis with a five-year eighty-two million dollar contract. This happened at the beginning of December. The Cubs then Traded Jorge Soler to the Royals for RHP Wade Davis. This trade also happened at the beginning of December. There were many minor signing between December and February.

Jason Hammel was the next ex-cub to be allowed to become a free agent and sign a two-year contract with the Royals in February. Travis Wood signed with the Royals with a two-year contract with an optional third year. The Cubs also signed Brett Anderson a left-hander pitcher.

Minor league moves

The Chicago Cubs made a lot of minor league moves through this offseason. These moves include: signing Elliott Soto, David Rollins, Fernando Rodriguez, Jemile Weeks, Ali Solis, Daniel Moskos, Carlos Corporan, Dylan Floro, Manny Parra, Casey Kelly, Eddie Butler, Williams Perez, and Alec Mills. Many of these Minor league traded are possible pitchers with some outfield and baseman mixed in. Eddie Butler, Alec Mills, Dylan Floro, Casey Kelly, Eddie Butler and Williams Perez are all righties.

Fernando Rodriguez is a righty reliever. Jemile Weeks is a second baseman. Ali Solis is a catcher. Daniel Moskos left-handed pitcher. Elliott Soto is a shortstop. Carlos Corporan is another catcher. Manny Parra is a left-hander pitcher who we may see in spring training. The Chicago Cubs also re-signing infielder Munenori Kawasaki to the minors.

The Cubs also made one-year contracts with Jake Arrieta and Hector Rondon.

Can the Cubs keep their Championship title?

With Fowler, Solar, and Hammel now gone. Will the Cubs be able to make a second World Series Championship title a reality? Express your thoughts! With all the minor league moves some new faces may be in the future.