Fans of Football are giddy for this Sunday night when the New England Patriots host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship game. Both of these teams are deserving for a chance to play in the Super Bowl, considering the 10 Lombardi trophies between the two, but there can only be one winner.

Prima donna drama

The Steelers have always had a reputation of being overly emotional. This was evidenced by Antonio Brown's recent antics of filming his locker room after the Kansas City win. The stream was posted to Facebook, invoking harsh criticism from many sides, including the Patriots' Julian Edelman.

Now, usually, the Patriots are a calm team, never quite giving in to the petty trash talking. However, Edelman returned with a few incendiary comments, creating an atmosphere not so different from petty high school politics. Now that we're all fully aware that these two teams are foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to hit the other guy, we can also expect this game to get chippy.

Patriots (-5.5)

With the spread opening at 4.5, expect the margin to go even higher as we get closer to kick-off. While this game has the feeling of getting too personal, the Patriots are going to steam roll whoever gets in the way. Mike Tomlin is grossly overrated after getting to the Super Bowl in 2011 (and losing to Aaron Rodgers).

The Steelers haven't been able to live up to their hype, despite consistently owning a championship-caliber roster. Since 2011, the Steelers have lost their last two playoffs appearances in the wild card round. Remember back in 2012 when Tim Tebow faced the Steelers and threw the game-winning touchdown in overtime? That still has to sting for Pittsburgh fans.

When you own Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, and Le'veon Bell, there's no excuse for the team to lose, besides blaming the coaching staff. Mike Tomlin's job security isn't in any danger because he's beloved by the Rooney's, but the Pittsburgh fans should really start scrutinizing Tomlin's "prowess".

With tempers flaring between these two teams, Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, is doing her part to quell the distractions.

There are hints flying around that she is pregnant with the couple's 3rd child, but Brady is probably grateful to be focusing on the game this Sunday instead of even more drama. However, does her pregnancy mean Brady's on his way out of the league?