In 2014 the leftist mayor of Bogota banned the sport of bullfighting. Enthusiasts went to the constitutional court and now the court has ruled in favor of bullfighting and set aside the ban. Bullfighting is thus back in Bogota and supporters of the game are overjoyed. Animal rights organizations have protested against the reintroduction of the sport, as they feel that the killing of bulls for sporting events is not only unethical but cruelty to animals. The mayor of Bogota has said that he is not in favor of bullfighting but his hands are tied by the decision of the constitutional court.

He added that no state funding would be available for the event.

The ruling of the constitutional court is a shot in the arm of the sport. Bullfighting is an ancient sport which originated in Spain. The wheels are moving in Spain also in favor of bullfighting and a constitutional court has set aside a ban in Catalina. Enthusiasts will now hold a Bullfighting event in Barcelona in March this year. The sport is allowed in 8 countries, but many like Mexico have banned it.


Rights enthusiasts estimate that 250,000 bulls are killed every year for the sport, though this appears an exaggerated figure. However, bullfighting has taken many lives, and a recent video of a matador being gored to death on YouTube has gone viral.

Animal rights enthusiasts have demonstrated against the sport, but for all practical purposes, after the ruling of the constitutional court, the sport is here to stay.


The sport has had an echo in the Indian state of Tamilnadu where Jallikattu (a festival of bull taming) is supported by millions. A recent Supreme Court ban of the sport has led to mass protests.

The sporting event is still held despite the ban, and yesterday, 2 participants were gored to death. JalliKattu traces its history back over 2000 years.


Bullfighting is one of the older blood sports. It is a game of skill and nerves and many people consider it part of their heritage. Despite protests by animal rights organizations, the sport is not likely to die away, and the gory festival is likely to continue with the killing of bulls and the goring to death of some of the participants.