The Seattle Seahawks were looking pretty good heading into Week 16 of the NFL's regular season. Furthermore, they looked very confident after they erased a two-possession deficit in the late going of the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16. However, Seattle missed a go-ahead extra point after tying the game late against the Cards and things got worse from there as the Seahawks got beat at the buzzer by a more steady-footed kicker. The result is that the Seahawks are now 9-5-1 and, although they are still a lock for the post-season, their chances for a two seed aren't so great.

Why a No. 2 seed is important

The importance of getting the two seed of course is that teams that finish that high avoid Wild Card weekend and they also host in the conference semifinals. Currently Seattle trail the Atlanta Falcons, a team that won on Saturday to improve to 10-5. Atlanta are guaranteed a spot in the post-season as well as they have clinched their division. The Falcons host the New Orleans Saints next week and if Atlanta win then they will be guaranteed to finish higher than Seattle.

Furthermore, if the Detroit Lions win their remaining games to go 11-5 they will also finish higher than Seattle among the division winners. Accordingly, Seattle could be the fourth seed in the NFC playoffs, something that would set them up for a Wild Card Weekend showdown against the New York Giants.

Seattle can still finish 2nd or 3rd

However, things could play out differently for the Seahawks. If they finish the season 10-5-1 that could be better than a potential 10-6 Falcons' team. Furthermore, if Detroit or Green Bay win the NFC North at 10-6 then Seattle's tie in their record plays like a win to get them the coveted top-two positioning.

Seattle fans are interested in the Monday night game coming up between Dallas and Detroit. The Seahawks' contingent want the Cowboys to win there so that Detroit sink to 9-6. Then Seattle will be in control of their own destiny in Week 17, at least in regard to avoiding the four seed.

On that matter, I definitely think that Seattle wants to finish at least third.

In that scenario they would play the 2nd Wild Card in Wild Card Weekend, which is going to be Washington, Detroit, or Green Bay. GB may be tough, but I think Seattle want to avoid the New York Giants who should be very prepared for Wild Card Weekend given that they can coast through next week's game if they choose to. The best scenario for Seattle is a two seed, something that requires Atlanta losing next week to the Saints.