The NFL wasn’t always a Rigged system until it became a $32-Billion-dollar corporation, let alone the great games, fun times, and bringing people together the NFL has caused a lot of controversy aboutmajor problems with the referees. Football is known around the world as a game of inches and that is shown by how 1 inch could change the game drastically. As said 1 inch can change a lot, whether it be the spot of the ball or how someone hits someone else, 1 inch is a lot in football. Many times there have been very controversial calls on the placement of a ball, let alone the terrible penalty calls that are made by the officials.

The evidence

I am going to show many different examples on the how the NFL is rigged. Many people would think that a coin toss would be almost physically impossible to mess up but, yet somehow Phil Luckett the referee who also allowed the Music City Miracle messed up a coin toss in a game between the Lions and the Steelers. The Bus (Jerome Bettis) called tails but the referee heard heads and gave the ball to the Detroit Lions.Another Example has to do with Super Bowl III, one of the biggest upsets in U.S. Sports history as the New York Jets beat the Heavily Favored Baltimore Colts with a final score of 16-7. These may have had to do with the costly 5 Baltimore turnovers, more possible proof could be that Quarterback for the Jets at the time Joe Namath guaranteed a win in Super Bowl III just 3 Days before the game.

Smith, a superlative defense lineman for the Baltimore Colts at the time, Alleged in his biography and in various interviews that the game was “set up” for the Jets to win (although he never provided any concrete evidence). More evidence shows that Smith’s credibility was given a boost by some questionable decisions by Colts quarterback Earl Morall and coach Don Shula in the game.

Morall's worst performance

After an immaculate MVP season in 1968, Morall had one of his worst performances that year in the Super Bowl – among other things, he threw three interceptions. The conspiracy theory seems to be that the NFL “needed” the high-profile, glamorous New York team to be champions in order to solidify the merger, sustain the league’s popularity and thereby generate millions of dollars in revenue to all teams in the league.

(At the time, the New York Giants were a very poor club.) after explaining why it was rigged I will now say just a few of the controversial plays in the game. In the second quarter, quarterback Earl Morall “Couldn’t” see wide open Jimmy Orr who was sitting in the end zone, instead, he threw a short pass across the middle which was immediately jumped and picked off by a Jets defender. Later, quarterback Joe Namath was shown to have ties to the New York City Mobsters. The “Fixing” will most likely never be proven, but the fact is that Super Bowl III provided a springboard for the NFL’s huge popularity that has been sustained for more than four decades.

Coincidence - I think not

People think that it was a coincidence that Peyton Manning gets his 100th win in Super-bowl 50 on the last game of his career, Russel Wilson decides to throw it on the 1 yard line when they had Marshawn Lynch, a great running back, that would have no problem running it on a weak defensive line of the Patriots.

Most of these things just don’t add up.

Let’s take it back to Super Bowl VII when Miami kicker Garo Yepremian tried to complete a pass after his field goal had just been blocked. The play starts as the snap is sent to the holder as Yepremian goes to kick it the defense blocks it, so in a sheer panic he picks up the ball and tries to make something out of nothing. He rolls out of the pocket and throws the ball which is soon picked off and returned for a touchdown, this was one of the missteps in the 1972 Dolphins perfect season even though they did still win with a final score of 14-7 against the Washington Redskins.