The Buffalo Bills haven't had the greatest start to the NFL season. The Bills lost to the Ravens on the road in week 1 thanks to an awful performance by quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Bills offense managed to muster just seven points and struggled to move the ball all game. In week 2, the Bills again struggled on offense. Their offensive struggles were actually so poor that the Bills organization decided to fire offensive coordinator Greg Roman. And Karlos Williams was there on Twitter, ready to laugh at the Bills decision to let him go.

Karlos Williams Before the Game.

Karlos Williams expressed some remorse for not being a part of the Buffalo Bills roster before the beginning of the Thursday night Football game.

Those uniforms are pretty sweet and Karlos actually got to wear one of them last year. In two games against the Jets last season, Williams scored two touchdowns and was a key part of both victories. On Thursday night, Karlos decided that he would throw a little bit ofshade at the team that chose to release him after his productive.

It started with a simple retweet.

Karlos clearly still feels like he is a missing piece who belongs as a piece of the Bills roster. As the game progressed, Karlos' frustration with the Buffalo Bills became even moreobvious.

Game Tweet.

The Bills had a rough start in the first half and were losing by 10 points at halftime. But the Bills came out and scored two quick touchdowns that immediately gave them the lead. The Jets responded by scoring a touchdown of their own. The Jets would later add another field goal to widen their lead to 6 points.

The Bills offense got the ball back and would face a 3rd and 1 near midfield.

After LeSean McCoy failed to pick up the first down, E.J. Manuel came into the game. Manuel had successfully converted in short yardage earlier in the game but failed to do so on 4th down. After the two failures, Karlos Williams threw out a little jab at the Bills organization on Twitter.

Karlos Williams, who was a short yardage specialist for the Bills last season, would have been perfect for the situation. Unfortunately, the Bills no longer have a back as big or as effective as Williams was in short yardage. Williams might not be on the Bills roster, but he certainly got the last laugh on Thursday night.