Most of these teams meet annually or nearly so, addingfuel to the rivalry fire. 'Familiarity creates contempt' as the old saying goes. Making fora game day atmosphere already so emotionally charged that normal competitive edges (like which team is most talented) can be overcome temporarily. The result, a huge number of very competitive on-going rivalries.

Though there are more games out there, here are the top 12 most competitive games I have found:

12: Michigan State vs. Penn State

The series began in 1914. However, it didn't become a regular thing until the mid-1990's.

With both teams in the eastern division of The Big 10, they meet every year now. In addition, the winner should have a lot to say about the Big 10 Championship Game in the future.Michigan State won the game last year allowing them to break the tie and lead the series 15-14-1.

11: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

The series began in 1935. It too, became a regularly scheduled game in the mid 1990's. Both teams play in the Big 12. In addition, the game has been responsible for some very high scores in the recent past. Two perfect reasons for this rivalry to become very intense (nasty) as they continue.Oklahoma State won last year 70-53, for its seventh game in a row. The win also cut Texas Tech's slim lead overall to 21-19-3.

10: Georgia vs. Tennessee

The series began in 1899. However, the teams only began playing regularly when they were both placed in the SEC's eastern division in 1992.The game has produced some classic moments over the years.For now, Tennessee leads it 22-21-2 overall.

9: Florida State vs. Miami

This series began in 1951. From the late 1980's through 2006 abut 10 classics were played between these two teams.Though the luster has been off Miami's program recently, expect that to be turning around as Mark Richt gets the team built back up.

Though the Seminoles have won the last six games, the Hurricanes still lead the series, 31-29.

8: Baylor vs. Texas Tech

The series began in 1929 and has been played every year since 1956.Baylor won last year --making it five in a row --to re-take the series lead 37-36-1.

7: Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt

The series began in 1896. Both teams are founding members of the SEC and currently, both reside in the eastern division.

Vanderbilt won last year's game, pulling the series even all-time to 42-42-4.

6: Iowa vs. Wisconsin

The series began in 1894. Due to Big Ten expansion, it appeared the teams would no longer play annually because they were in opposite divisions. In 2013, the conference expanded again, allowing them to be placed in the same division and the game to resume annually.Though Iowa won last year, the series lead belongs to the Badgers, 44-43-2.

5: Illinois vs. Purdue

This series started in 1890. Both teams are members of the Big Ten western division.Although Purdue won last year -- and has won 11 of the past 16 --Illinois leads the series all-time 44-41-6.

4: Iowa State vs. Kansas State

The series started in 1917 and is also known asFarmageddon.

Kansas State has won the last eight games, seven by eight points or less. Even so, Iowa State leads the series, 49-46-4.

3: Baylor vs. TCU

The series started in 1899. Also known as The Revivalry. It is one of the most-played games in NCAA Football history.TCU won last year, pulling the series even 52-52-7.

2: Missouri vs. Kansas

The series started in 1891. Also known as The Border War. Or for the politically correct, The Border Showdown.Missouri won last year, giving them the disputed all-time series lead, 56-55-1.

1: Auburn vs. Georgia

The series began in 1892, it is also known as The Deep South's Oldest Rivalry.Georgia won last year's match, giving them the overall edge, 56-55-8. This game appears to be the most-played rivalry game that is so closely contested as of 2016.

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