As an inside person, Rivaldo shares his opinion about visiting Brazil

The former Brazilian soccer player, Rivaldo, posted on a social network that he advised tourists not to come in Brazil due to the high criminality rate. Rivaldo posted the message soon after a 17-year-old girl had been killed. As a former player at FC Barcelona and AC Milan and world champion due to his performance in the Brazilian team back in 2002, Rivaldo insistently states that people should not come to Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games, which are to be held in August.

Rivaldo states in his post that such serious situations are common in Brazil. He advises anyone who plans to visit Brazil or attend the Olympic Games to stay at home and not risk their lives. Rivaldo also wrote about Brazilian public hospitals, which he says are not adequately prepared for offering proper assistance to injured people. He also reminded people about the political situation in Brazil. He believes that only God is currently capable of changing the situation Brazil is currently experiencing. Rivaldo posted the message along with a picture showing a deceased teenage girl that was murdered on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The Olympics and Brazil’s current situation

There are three months to go before the Olympic Games commence in Rio de Janeiro, and as far as Brazil is concerned, it is currently confronting serious political and economic conflicts while the criminality rate is continuously rising.Brazil currently holds the 4th position from the perspective of its criminality rate.

The most frequent crimes are theft, deceit, robbery, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and tourists are likely to become victims. The rate of criminal acts committed in Brazil is 1.6 times higher than the one in Mexico and 5 times higher than the ones in Iraq. In this ranking, Brazil holds the 4th place after the USA, Russia, and China.

More details about Rivaldo

Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira is currently 44 years old. He played for the Santa Cruz, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Deportivo La Coruna, FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Cruzeiro, Olympiacos, AEK Atena (or AEK Athens), Bunyodkor, Sao Paulo, Kabuscorp, Sao Caetano Mogi Mirim. He wasalso a world champion with the Brazil National back in 2002.