During the last episode of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," the new group of enemies that was presented to us has made us wonder what objectives they are aiming for. One of these, incredible as it may seem, is the leader of the twelve Zeno universes, until now considered untouchable. "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is based on the concept of not having a clear limit when talking about what you can see, often bringing the situations that would not be conceivable within the canonical universe created by Akira Toriyama. The first narrative arc gave fans an absolute demonstration of this.

Last episode

In the last episode, the narrative arc of the universal conflict was officially introduced, thus causing the meeting of several characters in the multiverse that until now had not yet been known. It is the case of one of the most famous Saiyan, Trunks of the future. The goal of the new villains of the series, recently introduced, is to remove Zeno, the god of the multiverse of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," and Trunks has intervened to ruin the evil plans. With this help, together with Vegeta, for the first time, the Saiyan medium appeared in universe 6.

However, the last episode aired on January 10 seems to suggest something that even the most unbridled imagination of the fans believed impossible.

The new group of six villains that the saga just started presenting to us, known as Core Area Warriors and captained by the mysterious and fearsome Hearts, seems to point to the peak of the hierarchical chain of the franchise, Zeno.


The small monarch of the twelve universes is in fact considered by enthusiasts almost as an entity beyond the plane on which events take place, a deus ex machina, who watches and enjoys watching and intervening as he pleases, regardless of any danger.

Judging by a dialogue between Hearts himself and the resurrected Zamasu, however, it seems that his status is not exactly as fans had imagined him. "The first addressing the second, enraged with the warriors of the Universe you must calm down for now, you must be patient, wait until the King of all things is defeated."

What then exists as a way to kill or make harmless the one who governs the totality of the world created by Akira Toriyama?

A being so powerful that you can erase an entire universe with a simple snap of your fingers? Although "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is out of the canon, it is still a revolutionary premise, which undermines the foundations of the hierarchical scale of the franchise, making the narrative arc just beginning to get interesting for every enthusiast.