5 Times Celebs Were Called Out For Lying On Social Media

I guess they can't always get away with everything. Nice try guys, be more careful next time.


When Kylie Jenner was called out for allegedly having cereal with milk before

If you're going to make a lie this bold, at least make sure there's no photo evidence first.


When Oprah tweeted that she loved her Microsoft Surface, but she was actually using an iPad

Sure, nobody is ever happy to use a Microsoft product, but at least cover your tracks.


When Soulja Boy posted this misleading pic and got called out

Oldest trick in the book, worst cover up in the game


When Britney Spears pretended she made corn and someone found it on Google Images

Out of all of the things you could lie about, you choose corn? Huh.


When Bella Thorne claimed this jacket was faux fur, so fans tracked it and found it was made of fox

I bet PETA had a field day with this one... Nice job Bella.

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