Actress Nicole Olson spends her days working in a marketing position – but moonlights as an actress. The beautiful, multi-skilled thespian snagged her first film – out this month from Wild Eye Releasing – by responding to a Facebook post in a group for filmmakers in her area. In “Dead Love," Olson plays Fiona, a beautiful and mysterious mortician who falls into a relationship with a young man whose mother has just taken her own life.

On August 14, 2018, Nicole granted an exclusive interview where she discussed her career, the latest movie, and more.

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Meagan Meehan (MM): What inspired you to become an actress, did you study the craft, and what has been your biggest break so far?

Nicole Olsen (NO): Short answer: Acting can be a great sort of stress relief! Slightly longer answer: I’ve always loved performing. Starting with singing classical and jazz, and morphing that into a love of musical theater. Performing is just one of those things that has always made me feel good. I studied for the theater. However, when it came down to filming “Dead Love,” all of that training really just fell away, and instinct took over. “Dead Love” is my film debut, and I can’t wait to see where the experience takes me.

MM: How did you get involved in “Dead Love” and how would you describe the tone of the film?

NO: Seems hard to believe, but I responded to a Facebook post in a group for Colorado filmmakers, and one self-tape later, I found myself doing a chemistry read in Denver. I heard that I got the part that same night. Its tone is melancholy. Watching the movie kind of makes, you feel like you’re about to slip on ice.

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MM: Can you talk a bit about Fiona, your character?

NO: Fiona is complicated. She’s a romantic and a bit eager, but also incredibly stubborn at times. She also has a real mean streak if you’re unlucky enough to cross her, but it takes a lot to get her to that point.

MM: Thus far, what do you like most about the entertainment industry, where do you aspire to be in a decade, and is there anything else that you want to discuss?

NO: I can’t really say! This was filmed three years ago, and I’m exploring another career at the moment, so I have no juicy insight into the industry quite yet. Who knows what the future holds? I’ll always be a storyteller- whether I’m telling tales on the silver screen, or helping brands tell their story on social media.

Nothing exciting is on the radar at the moment, but I am open to considering any fabulous scripts that may come my way. I’m always honest and hard working in everything I do, and that is a piece of advice I’m happy to give to everyone who is trying to break into the business.