Director Brett DeJager loves the genre of horror and in 2017 he unleashed a film called “Bonejangles” upon the world that featured a truly creepy character. Described as a fun horror throwback, “Bojangles” was so immensely popular that it inspired a sequel--“Bonejangles 2”--which is currently seeking funding to get off the ground.

Filmmaker Brett Dejager recently spoke about this mad movie endeavor and more via an exclusive interview.

Filmmaking, slasher flicks, and Bonejangles

Meagan Meehan (MM): What inspired you to become a filmmaker, Brett?

Brett Dejager (BD): I've always loved watching Movies, especially horror movies.

Growing up, staying up late with my mom watching “Tales From the Crypt” and cheesy b-movie horror flicks was the best thing! Then it turned into staying up late with my friends watching the worst horror movie we could find at the local video rental place. Then it turned into, "hey, I'd like to try making my own movie some day!" And now here I am.

MM: Was “Bonejangles” your first film and how did you secure the script?

BD: “Bonejangles” was not my first movie. My directorial debut on a feature length film was actually "The Legend of Cooley Moon". I wrote, directed, and edited that flick. Sci-fi/horror/drama but Keith Melcher wrote “Bonejangles.”

MM: Does it go without saying that you’re a fan of the classic slasher flicks?

BD: Absolutely! Is it that obviously? Actually, I'm a huge fan of classic slasher flicks but there is something to be said about the comedy element in horror that is very appealing to me. It's a big reason why I re-watch a lot of the classics. They never get old!

MM: So, which of those classic films from the 1980s influenced you the most?

BD: “Friday the 13th” was a huge influence on my vision for the title character of Bonejangles. A lot of “Evil Dead” and “Halloween” influences are in there as well.

Crowdfunding, cast, and characters

MM: Can you tell us about your plans for “Bonejangles 2”?

BD: My plan is to bring back the original cast for “Bonejangles 2” and film the movie in July 2019.

The script is done, and I've been working on getting things lined-up for the past several months. As soon as we secure the funding, we're game on! “Bonejangles 2” will be a great addition to the Bonejangles franchise…with “Bonejangles 3” following.

MM: Will it have a connection to the first film, besides the title character?

BD: Absolutely! “Bonejangles 2” picks up basically right where “Bonejangles 1” left off. That's why it's essential that the original cast come back.

MM: Why did you decide to go the crowdfunding route for this project?

BD: We privately funded “Bonejangles” however we are in a different place now compared to where we were back in 2015. We're just now starting to see revenue coming in from “Bonejangles,” but we thought we'd reach out to the fans first to see if they'd be on board helping us.

We truly felt that was our best option at keeping us with the most creative control.

MM: What advice would you give to those who are thinking of crowdfunding their movies, especially ones like yours that feature lots of makeup effects and such?

BD: It's a ton of work, and I don't see it being successful for many filmmakers these days unless they are a big shot director. Advertising is so important and with the changes to social media these days... it's really hard getting your posts and content past a few people.