Ever since 2016. David Koepp has been attached to write the fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise. Koepp is the man who wrote "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," which was critically panned for its alien action -- although the Indiana Jones franchise has always been full of things like that, including mystical artifacts, voodoo and immortal knights. Koepp is also a strong partner for Steven Spielberg and has written "War of the Worlds" and "Jurassic Park: The Lost World." However, Collider reports that Jonathan Kasdan will replace Koepp as the writer.

Jonathan Kasdan on Indiana Jones

Jonathan Kasdan most recently wrote the script for "Solo: A Star Wars Story," which Ron Howard directed. For fans who rejected "Solo" unseen, that is disappointing as his father is Lawrence Kasdan, the man who wrote, "The Empire Strikes Back." His dad also happened to write "Raiders of the Lost Ark," so this could be the second chance for the son to follow his father's footsteps and write a movie based on a Harrison Ford character.

Of course, in "Solo: A Star Wars Story," it had to recast the role since it was a prequel and Harrison Ford is 75, a little too old to play a 20-something smuggler. In "Indiana Jones 5," Ford will play a man his own age, which will make the idea for the movie a little tricky -- what can Indy do in his 70s.

What to expect from Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford proved in "Blade Runner 2049" last year that he was perfectly suited to reprise his old roles as long as they changed his character reflect the age and time difference. That was a spectacular movie and Ford was fantastic in the role.

According to Comic Book, this will be the final Indiana Jones movie for Harrison Ford -- but Steven Spielberg has said that he has no intention of killing Indy like the Star Wars films killed Han Solo.

With that in mind, Jonathan Kasdan might be asked to write a script that passes the torch -- which is what "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was supposed to do with Shia LeBeouf's character.

"Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" only made $786 million at the box office worldwide, which was a disappointment that caused the LeBeouf transfer to die.

"Solo: A Star Wars Story" only made $355 million worldwide, which is terrible, so one wonders if blockbuster fatigue is setting in.

At the moment, "Indiana Jones 5" has no release date, so the new writer Jonathan Kasdan might be important when it comes to pushing that forward.