This Final SpaceSeason Finale recap is packed with spoilers, so consider this a huge warning for readers. The final episode of Season 1 provided a lot of excitement and wrapped up quite a few storylines. It also proved how strong the writing has been for the program. The original premise fulfilled every promise during Episode 10, giving viewers an exciting send-off for the first season. TBS definitely has a winner with this new show.

Episode 10 setup

Simply called “Chapter 10,” Episode 10 of Season 1 picked up from a cliffhanger in the previous episode.

The crew aboard the Galaxy One had come face to face with the entire armada under the control of the Lord Commander. He was still bent on tearing a hole in the universe that would allow the earth to be destroyed.

IMDb laid out the Episode 10 description before the show aired. “An all out battle ensues as The Lord Commander does everything in his power to capture Mooncake and stop Gary and Quinn from closing the entrance to Final Space.” So did he succeed? Or did the plucky band find a way to stop his evil plans?

The end of Season 1

The episode began with the Galaxy One sending its light fold core into the heart of the enemy armada. After detonating, it left the crew with a chance to craft one last plan to stop the Lord Commander.

At that point, The Lord Commander sent a new weapon after the Galaxy One, nearly destroying it and forcing the crew to try something different.

In a multi-pronged attack, Quinn raced to take the antimatter bomb to the breach in space. Her intent was to set it off and save everyone on earth and left alive on the Galaxy One. At the same time, Avocato Jr.

tried to create a diversion, while Gary tried to defend the ship. As the climactic battle continued, the good guys were in an unenviable position. In order to give Quinn enough time, Gary took the Galaxy One on a collision course straight at the Lord Commander’s ship.

Ending of Season 1 on TBS

As the episode was coming to a close, Gary was shot into space by The Lord Commander, a scene that has played out during the opening of the first nine episodes.

As he was floating in space, a hand reached through the breach, grabbing the earth and pulling it into final space. Moments later, Quinn set off the bomb, sealing the breach and saving everyone left alive on this side. Gary then died.

Gary awoke to the sight of his father, who stated “I was sent to give you a choice. Come with me or go back.” After a brief discussion, Gary asked his father what would wait for him if he went back. Gary’s dad stated, “Perilous journey full of death and heartbreak.” Gary responded by asking, “Which way is Little Avocato? Which way is Mooncake? Which way is Quinn?” The episode went back to a wide shot of Gary floating in space and came to an end as a beam of light shone on Gary in his space suit. The season finale cliffhanger for Final Space leaves a lot of questions for what might take place in Season 2.