james kennedy and Kristen Doute hookup rumors were one of the highlights of "Vanderpump Rules." Their rumored hookup caught everyone's attention and even La La Kent's antics felt short in front of it all. We also saw Kristen Doute clarifying her stance on the hookup, but seems like not only Kristen, but even James Kennedy, has something to say on this whole issue.

James Kennedy on Kristen Doute

In the latest episode of "Vanderpump Rules," James Kennedy, a 26-yeard-old British DJ was seen insulting Kristen and abusing her badly. Kristen who got really upset after hearing all this just threw her drink on LaLa Kent and left while everyone was screaming at her.

Not only did LaLa and James get angry, but this act of Kristen's also riled up beauty blogger Katie Maloney. Katie said that she is not sure whether Kristen likes to be the centre of attention or what.

James Kennedy didn't stop there, he then called his model girlfriend, Raquel Leviss and explained everything to her. James, who was sobbing, said that he didn't hook up with Kristen and has nothing to lie about. He even called Kristen a "psychopath." Meanwhile, among all this LaLa was seen following her night routine by sucking her baby bottle of warm milk.

James was not only furious with Kristen Doute who went out and spoke about the rumor, but he was also furious with Jax Taylor for adding more fuel to the fire.

For those unaware, it was Jax who started the rumours. James further called him a "dog" who looks quite stupid, which made Jax furious. Jax who had lost his temper by then and started getting abusive and flipped at his boss, Lissa Vanderpump. After this incident, Jax who was called "obnoxious" and "arrogant" by Lisa just removed his microphone and left the place.

Meanwhile, if rumors are to be believed, Jax might leave "Vanderpump Rules" soon.

Kristen Doute called Brian Carter

After all, this happened, Kristen then called her boyfriend Brian Carter and then calmly spoke to him about the Mexico incident. After listening to everything, Brian told Kristen Doute that she did a very stupid thing by not informing him about all this and by doing whatever she did.

He further went on saying that he had previously forgiven Kristen for hooking up with James, but not this time. To which Kristen said that she has not cheated and will never cheat. Well, with all this drama unfolding, we're just excited to watch the next episode of this famous show. Stay tuned for more "Vanderpump Rules" news and updates.