Sherman-Palladino specialises in creating spunky, female characters from privileged backgrounds, who rebel against societal constraints and carve out their own unconventional lives through hard work, determination and wit.

"Gilmore Girls" ran seven years and has recently been revived for one last season. I hope "The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel" will outlive eight years. After all, it has completely upped the stakes!

what is different?

While the Stars Hollow cast dealt with teenage pregnancy, the struggles of single parenthood, the complexities of family, the tone was always light, fluffy and playful.

The feminism was covered in a layer of fun and giggles. But we have entered a new era where women are taking center stage and issues of equality no longer have to be cloaked in sweetness. This new show has similar issues: divorce, inequality in marriage, inequality in the workplace, inequality in how we are expected to behave and even inequality in how we are allowed to talk. Set in the 1950s, you may be excused for thinking the show would be all baking, corsets and kitchen teas, but it is definitely not. It is raw!

A basic idea

Midge Maisel (brilliantly portrayed by Rachel Brosnahan) is a Jewish mother of two who is unceremoniously dumped by her amateur comedian of a husband. By complete serendipity, she ends up on stage, drunk and on form, pouring her heart out in a hilarious and uninhibited stand-up debut.

So uninhibited that she ends up in jail. Luckily she is bailed out by Susie Myerson ( just as brilliantly portrayed by Alex Borstein), a club manager who wishes to be a talent manager. The two make an unlikely team, but despite being from opposite worlds (Upper East side versus Downtown, spoiled rotten versus hardworking middle class) they make a duo to be reckoned with.

There is much more to the industry than either realize and Midge is still dealing with the fallout in her personal life and trying to make decisions that are best for her, even when they are not what society suggests. The stellar supporting cast includes Michael Zegen, Marin Hinkle, and Tony Shalhoub. Have I mentioned that any role on this show would be an actors dream come true?

I would kill for one!

For laugh a minute television that leaves you gasping in shock at the real and still relevant social norms and discriminations of the 1950s, watch this now! You will not be able to stop until you finish the season! I cannot wait to start the second one!