The latest episode of "Agents of Shield" was delayed due to Trump's speech. When its regularly scheduled hour ended, and many DVR's stopped recording, we had already seen three escapes: Talbot and Coulson escaped the Hydra base; Ruby escaped her mother's control, and Fitz escaped from the cell Daisy had locked him in. Fitz, Simmons, and Elena infiltrated a Hydra base in England guarded by Ivanov, located the particle infusion chamber, and smashed an essential component with a hammer. Here is every detail of the last fifteen minutes.

Fitz, Simmons, and Elena are captured by Ruby

Hydra's robot soldiers break into the room where Fitz, Simmons, and Elena had barricaded themselves. Elena leaves for the Quinjet to call for backup – Simmons tells her she and Fitz have a new rule, and never leave each other's side when they are in danger. Fitz and Simmons fight back to back between two overturned tables.

When Fitz apologizes for not giving her a proper honeymoon, Simmons remarks that defending England with the one she loves is a perfect honeymoon. As Simmons' gun jams and Fitz begins to run out of ammo, they debate whether or not they're absolutely certain they can't be killed.

Elena is stopped by Ivanov in the hallway, and the two fight with knives and fists.

Reminding herself that she can't be killed, Elena throws the two of them out the window. She lands on top of a deactivated Ivanov LMD (he has many, remember), bruised but alive. The robot soldiers attacking Fitz and Simmons fall to the ground – Ivanov was controlling them.

The ending includes a final, sinister twist

Daisy receives a ping through a captured Hydra LMD, intuits that it's Fitz calling for extraction, and prepares to send a team.

Back at the Hydra base, Ruby and Von Strucker arrive and take Fitz and Simmons hostage. They demand that Fitz repair the particle infusion chamber if he wants Simmons to stay alive. Simmons tells Fitz not to make the same mistake they have probably made in other time loops, but he replies that he doesn't have a choice.

Daisy allows Talbot to call his wife.

He tells her that he is safe and healing, and sends love and a promise that he isn't yelling as much to his son. But the conversation takes a sinister turn when Talbot's wife begins to recite Hydra mind-control sequence. A shot of her in Talbot's home shows her reading a script, with Hale's assistant looming menacingly over her shoulder. Talbot is happy to comply -- he is now a Hydra sleeper agent embedded inside Shield.