Veronica Gonzalez, who professionally goes by the name “Vero G,” is a proud Latina who was born and raised on the Lower East Side of New York City. Veronica is a singer, songwriter, poet, Actress, and Model whose signature style combines R&B with Soul. Singing since the age of seven, Veronica understands the music industry, and she was even a member of The Change Choir with Al Sharpton.

Veronica has won many awards celebrating her accomplishments, and her upbeat and refreshing music has received rave reviews. Influenced by artists such as Selena, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, and Mariah Carey, Veronica released her first album titled “Addicted” featuring original scores and collaborations with other musical artists.

Veronica also released a Christmas album called “It’s Christmas” for which she recorded a music video of the single “White Christmas.” Additionally, her song “Clueless” was featured in the web-series “Respect the Come Up.” Veronica has performed live in many venues including events at the Sapphire Lounge, the Iguana Lounge, and many more. Veronica has appeared on the radio, in television, and her poetry was lauded by the New York Times after she performed her work on Governors Island.

Veronica recently granted an exclusive interview where she discussed her multi-faceted career and more.

Singing, songwriting, and poetry

Meagan Meehan (MM): What prompted you to get into singing at the tender age of seven?

Veronica Gonzalez (VG): What made me start singing since the age of seven years old, was my parents who inspired me to do whatever I wanted to do in my life. Also, music was a passion of mine since that age.

MM: You have been involved with choirs, so what were those experiences like and how did they impact your solo musical career?

VG: My experiences with the choirs I was in were all great overall. I got to work well with others, as well all had a common core into the music we sang in the choir. I got to travel to various gigs such as Washington D.C. and performed in NYC for various events. It was an exciting time and a blessing all in one. It also helped me in my solo music career as developing in the artist that I am today by introducing techniques into my vocal lessons such as how to have voice control and conquer my stage fright.

MM: You write your own songs, so what inspires them and do you create both the lyrics and the beats?

VG: What inspires me in my songwriting are life lessons we all can relate too. Also, how I can interpret the songs in my mind and write them down with the beats together and make magic. I create only the lyrics at the moment. One of my favorite songs of all time is from Selena Q. The song was called “Dreaming of You.” The reason why it is my favorite is that it was the song I sang when I auditioned for at the PPAS (Professional Performing Art School) and I felt connected with that song and the artist.

MM: What was it like to film a music video?

VG: The feeling to film a music video and be a part of the directorial seat was amazing.

To learn about the details of how to put together a music video and have a creative control side to it all helps it fall into place. When I saw the final product into a vision in the screen, I was speechless!

MM: How did you start performing live and how did you secure venues?

VG: How I started to perform live in various gigs and events was networking; just putting my name out there. Getting the crowd or audience in my music be a part of it. Eventually, I started to get booked for a couple of events and gigs by booking agents from clubs or events. My most memorable performance was in The Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the Lower East Side. It was my very first live performance in my solo musical career.

I did a great job and got great feedback from the audience. Also, it is where I use to reside at nearby the event. I felt my father's spirit with me that night. I’ll never forget that night ever!

MM: You are also a poet who was featured in the New York Times, so how did that come about?

VG: Yes, so I had the honor to be on the New York Times with my poetry performance. How it all came about as I went to the Poetry Festival about two years ago on Governors Island. I went with my family who came to show support. I got there and signed up to do my poetry. When I was done, a photographer came up to me and asked me for my information. And the rest is history! He contacted me a few weeks later to tell me you are in the New York Times in the Leisure & Travel section.

I was in shock but happy!

MM: Stylistically, are your poems and lyrics similar?

VG: At some point, my poems and songs are a bit similar. My poems are at times long or short, and sometimes they rhyme and at times they don't. With my songs, there are more length involved and more detail, depending on what the concept of the song may be.

Modeling, TV, and radio

MM: You also model, so how do you book shows--such as those by Alexander Gurman--and which types of fashions/accessories are your favorites to model?

VG: Yes, I model as a curvy model. How I get booked for fashion shows are through casting calls or designers who at times have me in their shows. Also, I am an ambassador for a designer which I have the honor to represent.

My favorite fashions or accessories! I love to model purses, shades, or dresses.

MM: How did you manage to be featured on TV shows and radio interviews?

VG: How I manage to be booked for either TV or radio interviews are networking, staying in touch with the hosts or whoever is involved...and form great friendships.

MM: Have you any exciting events and/or endeavors approaching that you wish to mention?

VG: Sure, I have a couple of events or gigs coming up. Some are fashion shows or showcases. But I do want to mention that I have written several publications of my poetry and my autobiography “Trials and Tribulations: An Autobiography of Vero G” which I am very proud of. More is to come so stay tuned!

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