Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas is well-known as a Star Wars fan. Long before that anti-Trump left invoked the current slate of films by calling itself “The Resistance,” Cruz was invoking the spirit of the Rebel Alliance in his lonely fight to defund Obamacare.

So, it must have seemed surreal to Senator Cruz to find himself in a Twitter tit for tat with none other than Mark Hamill, famous for playing Luke Skywalker, on the subject of Net Neutrality. Hamill, like too many people, thinks that the 2015 rule is the only thing that is stopping the Internet from being taken over by oligarchs.

Cruz knows that net neutrality is a way for the Empire of Google, Facebook, and Comcast, among other mega companies, to throttle innovation and keep out upstart competitors. The result was not quite as exciting as a lightsaber duel, but it will have to do.

Mark Hamill strikes first

Hamill, like a lot of other Hollywood actors, thinks that his notoriety allows him to have his political opinions taken seriously. So he took to Twitter and savaged FCC Chairman Ajit Pai with what might be considered the ultimate insult.

Ted Cruz has some advice for Hamill

Cruz, in his impish way, responded with a devastating tweet that reminded the actor who plays the second most famous Jedi of all what the Empire really is and what it stands for.

He also had some advice for the aging “Star Wars” actor

Hamill is not amused

Mark Hamill, doubtless not used to having his opinions questioned, was not amused and told Cruz so.

He also called Cruz on a minor spelling mistake and accused him of doing something that a conservative family man likely does not do.

Cruz channels Master Yoda

Cruz, now in a fine fettle, decided that Hamill needed a lesson in where the path to anger leads to, channeling a short, green fellow.

We do not know how the actor reacted to being lectured to in the voice of the third most famous Jedi.

Senator Cruz, who was a champion debater while in college, knows the power of pop culture to get the point across.

Star Wars is an almost universally known story, depicting a fight between freedom and tyranny. Of course, who the tyrant is and who the freedom loving rebels are is a matter of some debate. George Lucas thought that the Empire was the United States and that the rebels were various groups such as the Viet Cong and others fighting against the Americans. The vast majority of Star Wars fans reject that view and note that the Empire more resembles Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia. A significant number of people think that the Emperor is Donald Trump, an odd opinion to say the least.