Can you feel the love tonight? One happy couple sure can, after a stunning serenade left them - and their wedding guests - speechless. The bride, 31-year-old Jen Santamaria, enlisted the help of her beloved big brother to make their wedding day an unforgettable one.

A special bond

When Santamaria was planning her November nuptials with her fiancé Jesse, she knew their wedding wouldn't be complete without a performance from her brother Jesse Marcus. He has Autism, a complex developmental disorder that impairs the ability to interact and communicate.

However, this has only brought the siblings closer, as he has taught his Sister valuable lessons about patience and perspective.

Like many others affected by autism in the family, she's learned about the importance of acceptance, understanding, and respect.

Although his language and speech are limited, he's always loved to sing and perform, and Jen knew this was the perfect chance to include her brother in her big day.

Famous song

Jesse was delighted when his sister asked him to perform Elton John's beloved song 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' from Disney's 'Lion King.' The classic soundtrack hit was perfect for Jesse, and he dedicated his time and energy to his role as the wedding singer.

For six months, he prepared for his big performance, working with his caretaker to remember all the words and hit the right notes.

It was all he could talk about, and his excitement was infectious in the weeks leading up to the wedding.

Meaningful gift

When it came time for their vows, Jen was confident that her brother was ready to shine. And shine he did, and he donned a tuxedo and sunglasses as he serenaded their 130 wedding guests at their gorgeous beach wedding on Nov.


For Jen, her brother's performance was the best wedding gift ever as she was overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for the brother who had taught her so much. This only further cemented their close bond, and it was an inspiring moment, not only for the wedding guests but also the internet as the moment soon went viral.

Happy family

Jesse brought down the house, bringing tears to their eyes as guests applauded his stellar performance. It was then on to dancing, eating and celebrating the newlyweds.

For the bride, including someone who has had such a profound impact on her life was a no-brainer and a valuable lesson in embracing differences. The amazing performance was a fabulous reminder of how to accept those with autism and give them the chances they need to succeed.