TV shows like "dark" are becoming very popular now. According to, "Stranger Things" is currently one of Netflix's biggest shows. On top of that, a new season of cult favourite "Twin Peaks" was released this year, and although it garnered particularly low ratings on TV, Showtime have stated that their streaming service has received a surge in subscriptions, according to The small-town mystery show is back, and now we've been treated to "Dark," Netflix's first German-language original.

"Dark" is set in the mysterious town of Winden.

It tells the story of various families who live in the town and how the disappearance of two young kids make their secrets come to light. The description doesn't really make it sound like anything new, but what makes the series so inventive is that the 'who' is less important than the 'when.' "Dark's" mantra is 'everything is connected,' and it only becomes increasingly apt as you get deeper into the narrative.

What makes 'Dark' so good?

The thing I like the most about "Dark" is that it doesn't appeal to any particular age group. That might sound like a bad thing, but it really works in the show's favor. Young or old, you'll find something to enjoy here. "Dark's" characters are all going through things which are important to people their age, and the best thing about them is that they feel totally real.

Sometimes, the characters make mistakes, but when the stakes are raised and things start to go wrong, you do start to care about them. That might be because what they're going through shouldn't be experienced by anyone, or because they're fundamentally good people, but that's what makes "Dark" so engaging.

Although "Dark" isn't a film, obviously, it still feels very cinematic.

It's a series that pretty much needs to be watched on a TV. There are a lot of wide shots of forests and open spaces, but even the most claustrophobic scenes feel surprisingly expansive, and that kind of thing can draw you into the world of a TV show more than you'd expect.

It works particularly well in "Dark."

Why would 'Dark' appeal to fans of 'Stranger Things' or 'Twin Peaks?'

Honestly, "Dark" is more like "Twin Peaks" than it is "Stranger Things." There are no supernatural monsters, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a science fiction element. The most important aspect of the show is the relationship between all of the characters. At its core, "Dark" is a very human TV show, and because of that it couldn't be any more like "Twin Peaks."

"Dark" isn't really told from the perspective of the kids, either. It's as if the camera is a visitor from somewhere else, seeing everything from each resident's point of view. Instead of there being just one main character, "Dark" has several, and it makes the narrative a lot more suspenseful.

This is one of the best Netflix originals of the year, and it's perfect for fans of any of the shows I mentioned in this article.

"Dark" is available to stream on Netflix. Check out the trailer below: